Tips for Transgender Travelers—From the Country’s Most Trans-Friendly Destination


As North Carolina and Mississippi push forward with anti-transgender regulation, one Florida city has proudly assumed the identity of the country’s most transgender-friendly destination. Last yr, after commissioning the most important-ever observe at the country’s trans populace, fortress Lauderdale has become the best vacation spot within the international to actively welcome transgender travelers.

A countrywide media marketing campaign, “where glad Meets go fortunate,” emphasizes the town’s inclusion of the transgender network, and a dedicated landing page lists vital neighborhood assets, consisting of nearby advocacy companies as well as places of gender-impartial restrooms and medical assistance. In a major coup, fort Lauderdale also satisfied the usa’s biggest transgender convention, Southern comfort, to relocate after 24 years in Atlanta.

“This becomes not a one-time attempt,” says Richard Gray, coping with the director of the LGBT market for the fortress Lauderdale conference & traffic Bureau. “We’re in this for the longer term, and we want to guide the way.” To achieve this, gray and his team analyzed the effects of their observation. Almost 50 percent of respondents expressed worry of physical violence or verbal abuse even as on excursion.

T+L spoke with Alexis Dee, president of the board of administrators for the Southern comfort convention, for methods transgender tourists can navigate these fears and nonetheless tour. Here is her advice:

Recognize your rights

Going through airport security can be daunting to transgender tourists; however, so long as the call at the reserving reservation matches the name at the photograph identification, they should be great, no matter whether the traveler’s appearance matches what the id says. The TSA legally can not ask all and sundry to get rid of prostheses and has strict rules to guard the rights of trans tourists.

Tips for Transgender Travelers—From the Country’s Most Trans-Friendly Destination 1Live with a supportive brand.

Checking in at lodges additionally involves presenting an image identification. the -Dee and grey each spotlight Marriott as a mainly pleasant business enterprise; its marketing has made a point of transgender people. (See here for different LGBT-friendly manufacturers that T+L loves.) Staying with massive brands with supportive policies helps put off the chance of misunderstanding from the front table workforce.


Have a clinical letter

As a remaining hotel, whilst tourists want to show identity, Dee recommends having a letter from their doctor explaining that they may be certainly the individual named at the file even though they appear otherwise. Having this in the again pocket needs to assist ease vacationers’ issues.

Frequent secure locations

“best 20 states have anti-discrimination legal guidelines that shield transgender individuals,” says Dee. “But that doesn’t imply transgender people ought to the simplest tour to the one’s states.” Dee herself lives in North Carolina and highlights Wilmington as an incredibly safe vacation spot. “It comes down to commonplace experience,” she says. Most states, irrespective of legislation, have welcoming businesses and points of interest. New Orleans, Austin, and, yes, citadel Lauderdale comes to mind. For extra thoughts on LGBT-pleasant locations, appearance proper right here.