10 tips for husbands if your wife is obsessed with Outlander


Lovers all across the world have been gripped through the dramatic scenes of Outlander Season 2.

We have seen new characters – from the cute and loveable to the dastardly and hateable – and a state-of-the-art area to play home to all this drama.

The season most desirable turned into met with report viewing figures and the numbers of human beings looking (and loving) the display are only set to develop and grow Web Job Posting.

The brand new season, which is based on Diana Gabaldon’s 2d novel Dragonfly in Amber, has seen Jamie and Claire Fraser head to France as they try to trade the path of history.

The couple is searching out Bonnie Prince Charlie to stop the battle of Culloden – but are finding boundaries inside the course.

If your other half has been gripped through the Outlander phenomenon, do not worry as William Burdick offers his pinnacle 10 ‘guidelines’ that will help you out.

1. Study the book.

The wife (of 10 years) has been bugging me approximately this for 10 years. I’m certain you’ve heard it too, “Oh, you have to examine it, it’s SO wonderful! There’s this woman who goes through the stones in Scotland… there’s this Highlander Jamie… maximum perfect man ever… epic tale of romance… blah blah blah.” e-book about any other guy The wife is in love with is not on the top of your listing? It wasn’t on mine both. However, she sooner or later wore me down (it’s ALL I’ve been listening to about for the past two months).

It’s ok to provide in and agree with me after I say you’ll be “rewarded” if you do. And you’ll possibly revel in the study. I’m guy enough to confess that I do.

2. In case you actually need factors, study it out loud to The wife.

No, this doesn’t require giving up your man Card. Supply her 30 minutes a day, and you’ll be able to look at all the Sunday night time/Monday night soccer you want. You might even come domestic sooner or later to find the garden mowed, the rubbish is taken care of, all of the wood chopped, and your favorite dinner on the table.

I’ve now examined thirds of the primary book to The wife and can record that the “rewards” have been falling on me like manna from heaven. I personal my man Card, and I’m gambling it for all it’s well worth.


3. Realize the important thing, gamers, before you even pick up the ebook.

Diana Gabaldon = author of the Outlander collection, a.k.a. The Sorceress behind this whole outbreak of madness.

Claire Randall Fraser = Heroine of the collection, a.k.a. Sassenach, a.ok.a. the bonnie lass, your spouse, desires to be (the identical bonnie lass you will experience reading about).

Jamie Fraser = Hero of the collection, a.ok.a. JAMMF (so The wife tells me), “the maximum best man to ever stay” (fictionally), a.k.a. the man who says and does everything right, a.okay.a man who The wife desires you have been whilst she appears at you with that irritated, squinty stare while you don’t say or do anything proper.

Sam Heughan = actor who will portray Jamie Fraser, a.k.a. the reason The spouse has started calling herself a “fangirl,” a.okay.a. Enemy #1.

Heughligans = The spouse and all of her new friends obtainable in our online world, a.k.a. ladies who could be very risky if they ever get collectively in man or woman.

4. Learn how to pronounce some key Scottish phrases from the e-book.

The wife is already aware of what they suggest and what they’re alleged to sound like. (So does Enemy #1, I’m certain).

Sassenach – Jamie’s pet call for Claire. When The spouse tells you she’s headed to the mall to do some outrageous buying, respond by way of casually glancing at her and say, “Hurry returned Sassencah, I’ll omit ye even as yer gone.” bank account will live secure and sound.

I dinna ken – that is a smooth one, and you will use it plenty. Whilst The wife is spitting mad at you and hollers such things as “you probably did what?!” or “What the hell is incorrect with you?” – play dumb, cock your head to the aspect and say, “I dinna ken.”

Game over.

Bonnie wee lass – whilst you pay attention “Honey, do these denim make me appearance….” reply with “Och, yer a bonnie wee lass and I love yer arse in those jeans verra a lot.” Rewards.

Hedgehog – This one is the Hail Mary of grenades. If all else fails, lob it on the wife and run.

10 tips for husbands if your wife is obsessed with Outlander 15. Screen the social media pastime.

Instagram/samheughanSam Heughan launches his 2016 My height undertaking campaign.
The wife is now vivacious on fb and Twitter, belonging to multiple fan businesses and following heaps of different women as they gossip all day long about Outlander.

The wife, egged on utilizing Heughligans, will use her online equipment to flirt shamelessly with Sam Heughan, a few men named Kamran, and perhaps even Tim and Noah. Basically, all and sundry who has been inside the same room as Sam Heughan or has ever worn a kilt has a goal on their lower back. Allow The wife to indulge herself, and she is very proud of herself, prancing across the house bragging about how “sassy” she and all her new pals are. Test in on this pastime now and then. You may be bowled over at how ambitious she is, and you secretly may like it.

6. while your spouse wants to drink whisky.

If The spouse fingers you a glass of excellent, single malt Scotch ( whisky ) immediately, it was she’s seeking out some “whiskykissin” and desires to make out wCut your losses and play along. With Jamie.

7. Study JAMMF. Take a look at this guy.


Channeling him is your key to everlasting happiness. He’s a braw lad (complimenting Jamie will get you rewards – and spot that Scottish word I threw in there = bonus factors.) Tall, pink, and good-looking, he can speak numerous languages, can combat off hordes of attackers after being shot and stabbed and whipped and overwhelmed; he continually blazes in to keep the day and many others. Be given that he’s higher than you and flow on. at the least, we’ve him to thank for “whiskykissin.”

8. Learn to apprehend what The spouse calls the “Sasso” impact.

I call it the “Oh-my-God-he-favorited-my-tweet” syndrome. Signs and symptoms consist of: The spouse’s inability to hear you when you talk to her (yes, it’s miles possible for her to try this even extra), eyes glazed over in a celeb-struck haze, smiles (lasting greater than four hours) that reach from ear-to-ear like she’s just met her “maximum favorites of all time” fictional person, hunching over her iPhone or pc whilst supper burns at the stovetop, and so forth. That is a risky situation. If she starts offevolved throwing around terms like Obsessenach or Heughliverse, it’s time to reign her in and remind her who she should be captivated with, much like Jamie could.

9. Revere The Sorceress.

The spouse is speakme the fact. Through Outlander, The wife becomes The Sorceress and reels you in to do her bidding. The wife goes on and on approximately how stunning and fantastic she is. They’re surely making plans to take over the world, and I don’t think we can forestall them, so begin reading even though you’ll continually be a step in the back of – it’s better than being left at the back of.

10. *final piece of recommendation.


keep in mind these two matters – you’re the Husband, and The spouse is the woman of your desires. Treat her as such, and they will embrace you because the JAMMF she is aware of you are.

*contributed with the aid of The spouse.

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