The Best Majors Of 2020: What Do Top Universities Such As UC Offer?


We live in a constantly changing world, so, unsurprisingly, students want to be sure all their college years will pay off. Thus, more and more applicants are likely to major in interdisciplinary disciplines to acquire various skills. With the help, they can easily switch from one field to another. So, before you get down to writing UC essay prompts, look at the list of the most promising college majors. Many educational institutions, such as Harvard, Princeton, and the University of California, have much to offer. While answering UC essay prompts and writing a UC application essay won’t be easy, you will be certain you have acquired all the necessary knowledge and skills to build a successful career.

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More hospitals are constantly built, and more healthcare providers appear on the market. As a result of that, more experts in this field are needed. What is more, career opportunities are rather promising in this field as well. The majority of colleges and universities offer degrees in this area. So, you can easily google how much the University of California out-of-state tuition costs and start practicing your written answers to UC essay prompts. The field is very competitive, so your UC application essay has to stand out.

  • Aviation technology

If you have already familiarized yourself with some UC essay prompts and UC essay examples, you know that majoring in this field is becoming more and more popular. The full list of UC essay prompts 2019 proves that. One should remember that writing a term paper won’t be a piece of cake. Yet, working in aviation technology after graduation means you will have a well-paid job even though your everyday tasks pose many challenges. You can focus on becoming a pilot or working in an engineering sector within this area.

  • Computer information systems

Even though not all computer majors get the same recognition, more and more students dwell on why they want to major in such fields as computer information systems in their UC essays. Don’t be discouraged by the University of California Berkeley protests, and start thinking about an unconventional writing approach you will use in your application essay. Apart from that, many colleges allow students to get at least a Bachelor’s Degree in computer information systems.

  • Nursing

Nursing remains one of the most popular degrees students want to major in. The year 2020 won’t be any different. It is vital to highlight that steady employment opportunities have been available in this area for years, which is why so many applicants are drawn to this major. Apart from that, there are many career options after graduation, not to mention that one can continue studying, get additional training, and move up the career ladder sufficiently.

Other majors likely to draw more attention in the next few years include physical therapy, construction management, pharmacology, medical technology, chemical engineering, applied economics, and business analysis. Considering everything, future students will have a lot to choose from. Moreover, their career opportunities are looking very bright as more and more new fields appear. Thus, the necessity for qualified experts with profound knowledge and useful experience in these areas will continue to grow.