What to do when you’ve got an under-researched term paper topic


When you choose a topic to dwell upon in your term paper, you want to select an issue not that many college senior students have dealt with before. Choosing such a topic is advantageous because the more unique your case is, the more memorable your piece of writing will be. However, problems arise when you have already chosen an issue but have suddenly realized there isn’t much theoretical background to dwell upon in your paper. Here are a few ideas on how to deal with this problem.

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View your research problem from a different angle

Viewing the issue from a different perspective helps you find additional information and approach the whole writing process differently. For instance, you can start by viewing materials in those disciplines related to your issue. Perhaps, you will find something interesting that you may even be able to use as a theoretical background for your paper. Moreover, you can always order term paper samples to see how others have dealt with the same problem. You can even buy a term paper sample in case it is necessary. Also, having a well-written example will always come in handy whether you are writing about educational privacy rights or climate change. The main reason why some students buy college term paper samples is that it is a great source of new information in terms of unconventional writing techniques or formatting guidelines.

Come up with your ideas on how to solve your research problem.

If you have chosen a relatively new topic and there are no credible sources you can cite in your paper, it does not mean you will have to give up. Dealing with such tasks can be a challenge. Yet, you can turn this whole situation around by saying right away that the topic you have chosen has not been properly researched yet, but you have a few ideas on how this issue can be solved. If you have enough time, you can conduct a proper research study. Your professor will appreciate it.

Ask for assistance

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How to formulate a research question

How you formulate a research question is of key importance as your fundamental research depends on the problem you present in your research question. Here are a few tips to take into consideration:

  • Make it specific
  • Keep it original
  • Choose a topic you will be able to research
  • Make sure it addresses a practical problem
  • Make sure it is relevant

All in all, allocate as much time as possible when choosing a topic for your term paper. You need to select a topical issue and present theoretical background and evidence to demonstrate how you have dealt with the problem in question.