Pathankot terror attack: Indian probe team unlikely to be allowed to visit Pakistan


Pakistan indicated on Thursday that an Indian probe team is not likely to go to the U.S. In connection with research into the Pathankot terror strike, pouring cold water on India’s expectations.
Pakistan envoy Abdul Basit said the investigation isn’t about reciprocity but cooperation between the two nations in probing the Pathankot assault.

Pathankot terror attack: Indian probe team unlikely to be allowed to visit Pakistan 1

“It is tough for me to say. But at this level… the entire investigation isn’t about the query of reciprocity for my part. It’s far more about extending cooperation or our two international locations cooperating with every different to get to the bottom of the incident,” Basit said.
His remarks came days after a 5-member Joint research team(JIT) from Pakistan visited India to hold the probe into the assault at the Pathankot airbase. Then India turned into waiting to ship an NIA team to the neighboring United States.
In advance, external affairs ministry spokesperson Vikas Swarup stated NIA did mention to the JIT that they would like to go to Pakistan in connection with the probe.


“The work of JIT in India becomes according to the terms of reference which were agreed between the two governments through their respective overseas workplaces. They (visit) are on reciprocal foundation and according to with the existing felony provisions,” Swarup said.
Basit, however, at some point of an interplay in overseas Correspondents’ membership right here, stated, “This complete incident is now not approximately reciprocity. It is approximately cooperating with every different, and let’s hope that the spirit of cooperation is retained inside the days and weeks in advance,” he stated.