Queen Elizabeth, oldest-serving royal, turns 90


In a tweet, the Queen says, “I send my exceptional wishes to folks celebrating their 90th birthday.”

The world’s oldest-serving royal, the longest-serving British royal, and now the longest-lived British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, turned ninety on Thursday, receiving the greetings of hundreds of British residents and wishes from all over the world.

Taking a public walkabout in Windsor with her husband, Prince Philip, a smiling Queen dressed in a lemon green outfit and hat accepted the congratulations and spontaneous outbursts of making a song by the hundreds who had accumulated to greet her.

Greets others celebrating ninety b’day

In a tweet, the Queen said: “I send my quality desires to folks who are celebrating their 90th birthday... in this shared event, I send my warm congratulations to you.”

She later cut a birthday cake on the Guildhall through Nadiya Hussain, the first-rate British Bake Off winner.

Cameron: the rock of power

High Minister David Cameron led the tributes to Queen Jav Leech in Parliament.

Tracing the numerous occasions that marked her life and reign, he said: “At some stage in all of it, as the sands of tradition shift and the tides of politics ebb and drift, Her Majesty has been steadfast — a rock of strength for our state, for our Commonwealth and on many activities for the complete world.”

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, travel through Windsor in an open top Range Rover after her 90th Birthday Walkabout on Thursday in Windsor, England. The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh will be carrying out engagements in Windsor.
Queen Elizabeth

Relatively reputable person: Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Birthday Party and a committed Republican, was gracious in his greetings, calling her a “tremendously reputable character who is 90”. Though people have distinct views on the organization of the monarchy, “the great majority percentage an ois pinion that Her Majesty has served this u. s. It has an overwhelming guide with a clear sense of public providers and obligations. She’s completed that duty with vast warm temperature.”


Charles’ Shakespearean tribute

In a radio birthday message to his mother, Prince Charles read an extract from Shakespeare’s play, ‘Henry VIII’ wherein the Duke of Cornwall quotes from a speech by Archbishop Thomas Cramer to King Henry VIII following the beginning of the Destiny Queen.

“She shall be, to the happiness of England

“An aged princess; many days shall see her,

“And but no day without a deed to crown it.”

The majority want her to live.

Even though the Queen’s popularity remains excessive –- an Ipsos MORI ballot conducted last week observed that 70 percent wanted her to stay, while in a poll commissioned with the aid of the London Nighttime general, sixty-six keeping percent of Britain had a favorable view of her –- there may be a vocal minority who oppose the organization of the monarchy, and discussions at the function of the monarchy, and of the group after Queen Elizabeth’s time run deep.

Critics too

On its website, the anti-monarchy organization Republic had “Glad Birthday Mrs. Windsor, a long existence is not any motive for a long reign,” on its website. Republic’s head Graham Smith said: “Headline polling figures mask what’s sincerely occurring: a developing indifference to the royals, a more experience of citizenship and disillusionment with the political gadget — and an active, organized republicanism that is increasingly more clear approximately the manner ahead.”