A little bit more: How Jayalalithaa freebies compare to what she’s offered before


This week, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa announced several guarantees, freeing her celebration of AIADMK’s manifesto before the national meeting elections scheduled for sixteen. Appealing to the human beings to once more vote her party into power, Jayalalithaa, or Amma as her supporters like to call her, highlighted the list of schemes together with ‘Amma canteens’ which have been not promised earlier but have been released with the aid of her party during its tenure.

In its manifesto, the AIADMK promises 100 units of free energy to each family, employment for one member of every family, and free laptops with a net for sophisticated 11- and 12 students. Additionally, focused on the women voters, it has promised 50 a step-cent cent subsidy to operating women to shop for scooters, raising economic assistance for pregnant girls to Rs 18,000, among others.

Jayalalitha, AIADMK, AIADMK manifesto, Jayalalitha manifesto, Tamil Nadu elections, Jayalalitha election promise, Jayalalitha freebies, loose schemes in Tamil Nadu, Amma open plans, Tamil Nadu available methods At Jayalalithaa’s marketing campaign rally in Perundurai, Thursday. (Supply: PTI)

In advance of the overall election in 2014, the birthday party laid out a manifesto and promised to extend its popular welfare schemes to the people, like giving freely unfastened grinders, mixies, laptops, milch cows and goats, and so forth. It also promised the creation of around ten crore jobs to tackle the threat of unemployment.
For the people of Tamil Nadu, a bouquet of freebies isn’t always a new thing. Free energy to the farmers has reportedly been given via AIADMK within the Nineteen Eighties. In 1967, DMK had promised three kg of rice for only Re 1.

A contrast between the 2011 and 2016 manifestos:

With a few sparkling welfare schemes introduced with the aid of the birthday party this year, there has also been a diffusion of the older guidelines introduced in preceding elections in 2011.

At the same time as the economic assistance promised to pregnant girls in 2011 was Rs 12,000, it has now been raised to Rs 18,000. In addition, the promised duration of maternal leave has been prolonged to 9 months compared to 4 months and beyond.
It has also promised 8 grams of gold as marriage help for the general public, double what was promised in the 2011 elections.
For the negative fishermen, the party introduced a monetary help of Rs 4,000 in 2011, which has no longer been accelerated to Rs five 000 as per the 2016 manifesto.
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A look at guarantees made with the aid of AIADMK and Jayalalitha over the years:

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Unfastened mixies and grinders to women were introduced by Jayalalitha while campaigning for 2011 meeting polls in reaction to a comparable assertion made through rival DMK. The DMK had promised both a mixer and a grinder for the women in the nation in response, to which Jaya promised to present each alongside a fan to each woman.
In 2011, the celebration also introduced 20 liters of water and 20 kg of free rice for the BPL families. However, the DMK had already promised 35 kg of free rice in the past.
Apart from this, she additionally promised four loose units of uniforms and two footwear for the school youngsters. The promise of open laptops for the magnificence of 11th, 12th, and college students was also made in 2011.

Loose homes of 300 sq. feet to three lakh BPL families, 60,000 cows for 6,000 households, and Rs 50,000 wedding ceremony help for girls with diplomas were also some of the guidelines that were introduced.
Jayalalitha, AIADMK, AIADMK manifesto, Jayalalitha manifesto, Tamil Nadu elections, Jayalalitha election promise, Jayalalitha freebies, loose schemes in Tamil Nadu, Amma open schemes, Tamil Nadu unfastened plans Jayalalithaa in conjunction with her aide Sasikala waving at her supporters. PTI Photo.


2006 elections

A similar string of freebies was supplied to citizens during the election marketing campaign 2006 using the birthday party. Those blanketed 10 kg of loose rice monthly and the next 20 kg for the handiest Rs three. Five in keeping with kg.
In addition, four grams of gold for the ‘mangal sutra of poor girls who were getting married and free laptops for students who bypassed the twelfth well known were also promised with the aid of Amma.

In the 2006 elections, AIADMK also did a lot of chest-thumping for reportedly dispensing around five 00,000 bicycles to the scholars and promised to provide a way one to every scholar inside the kingdom.
Ahead of the elections in 2006, Jayalalitha announced a free textbook scheme for college kids of presidency-run and authorities-aided colleges in the kingdom.

Over time, diverse schemes and promises have been supplied by way of both the AIADMK and DMK in Tamil Nadu. The debt for Tamil Nadu has reportedly long gone up through 80 in line with cents in the last five years, and the state has long passed into a revenue deficit. However, the ‘welfare schemes’ and ‘freebies’ continue to drift before every election to woo the people.