Kevin’s Win: Ways To Always Be A Winner



Winning has to be one of the most amazing feelings one can possess in the human body. Winning comes in so many different forms and circumstances. A winning goal during a hockey or soccer game can leave an individual in such an ecstatic state that they would not be able to contain themselves. When they consider the numerous hours of training and dedication that they put into it and how much it was worth it. Winning could as well be getting a very good grade in school and feeling the joy and satisfaction as when an individual reminisces about the sleepless nights they would have had whiles going over their assignments and and notes in order to get a better understanding of the material. Winning however could simply be a personal resolution that an individual is able to accomplish; an example to this could be losing weight. When one looks down at their scale and perceives that they are now twenty pounds lighter, it will leave them feeling great pride and satisfaction, they will feel like a true winner at that point of their life.

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Perception of winning

Winning can also be perceived as a simple lifestyle instead of a competitive event. Winning can be a state of mind instead of an actual action. Kevin Sheehan might have lost many football games (whiles on the AFL team) but could still have been declared a winner due to his winning mentality. Winning is about creating and maintaining a positive mindset as well as a pleasant atmosphere around you at all times. There are certain habits that are adopted into your day to day life that will conserve your positivity and pleasant atmosphere. Where there is a negative thought, replace it with positivity as the negativity will not benefit you in any way nor will it bring you any comfort and pride. Do not waste your time on matters that are completely irrelevant and trivial. Arguments? Fights? Disputes? Do refrain from such casualties from your life as soon as possible as it’ll only increase a loser mentality and decrease a winners mentality. Be attentive to all thoughts that go through your mind as such thoughts forme you. Try at all costs to eradicate all negative feelings. This type of winning mentality makes for a successful, peaceful and healthy life.