Four Amazing Design Tips for Bathroom Remodeling


When planning home renovations, bathroom remodeling might be the last thing that comes to mind. The value it can add to your existing property will be realized only when you miss out on a great deal because of its absence.

Whether your bathroom area is small or large, there is no excuse not to work on it. You ought to face the challenges of configuring the toilet and sink to code, allowing clearance for a shower, and choosing the right decorative elements.

There is so much to do in a bathroom remodeling project that the nitty-gritty details and processes would sound alien to you unless you are a professional or have an expert bathroom renovation contractor.

Hence, if you are planning for a bathroom remodel soon, make sure you gather sufficient working knowledge for the purpose and follow the below-mentioned tips to get the best-looking bathroom for your home –

#1: Your toilet seat shouldn’t be the first thing to see as you enter

Speak to any bathroom designer for the best tip; you will be told not to place the toilet seat at a prominent location. Kids often leave their bathroom doors open, and someone passing by the room would get to notice that first. This kills the style mood of the space and makes it aesthetically unpleasing to the eyes. You can make your spa-vibe bathtub a focal point instead.

#2: Use a floating and round-shaped vanity

This tip is specifically for people with smaller bathrooms who want their favorite vanity inside. Mounting the vanity is a great decision because it creates an illusion of a large space and frees your floor for storing other little items. It is best to invest in a rounded style as fewer sharp corners will create those painful hip hazards.

#3: Incorporate a huge mirror

You will be amazed at the expansive bathroom space created by hanging a big mirror. A beautifully framed mirror in your bathroom instantly adds a dramatic feel to the area. It hides the age-related wear on your bathroom wall and gives it a more updated look. Moreover, it tricks the eye into seeing bigger spaces and makes your bathroom look brighter.

#4: Be careful about the choice of flooring

When choosing appropriate flooring for your bathrooms, you must be extra cautious. You cannot just pick any flooring from the market. Bathrooms have huge moisture levels and are left dampened several times. So, choosing the wrong flooring type can become a recipe for disaster. You need to ensure that you pick an option that is durable and offers a practical standpoint.