European Travel 2016: Loss Of EU Visa Waiver Could Threaten US Tourism, Business And Trade


Travelers planning to go to the Eiffel Tower or London Bridge could no longer be the only ones affected within the occasion the ecu commission were to select to cease its visa waiver software with the U.S. Trans-Atlantic business relationships had also been at stake as eu Union officials reviewed Tuesday the 15-yr-old application that has allowed Americans to journey to eu international locations for so long as ninety days without a visa.

Even as any shuttering of the visa waiver software is not going to be ratified by way of European countrywide parliaments that have long diagnosed the value of U.S. tourism, a few monetary specialists said there might be a completely actual opportunity the problem should purpose political spillover within the negotiations over the proposed Transatlantic exchange and funding Partnership (TTIP), a European-U.S. settlement that has been three years within the making Sci Burg.

“There’s no question that if the eu has been to slap a visa requirement on the U.S., it would be very, very bad information for the European tourism industry,” said Jacob Funk Kirkegaard, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, a think tank based totally in Washington. “It would additionally pretty frankly send the wrong political sign inside the center of TTIP negotiations,” he stated.

The visa waiver software began in 2001. It lets U.S. citizens tour Europe for as long as ninety days on commercial enterprise or satisfaction without applying for a visa. On the flip, the U.S. has extended the identical courtesy to residents of most ecu nations, with 5 exceptions: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland, and Romania. After the European Commission officially mentioned the distinction in visa necessities for those international locations in 2014, the European pressured the U.S. to consist of those international locations inside the visa application. Mentioning safety issues, but the U.S. has refused to increase the visa waiver application to them, leading the eu to threaten to rescind its application for U.S. residents. It is expected to make your mind up on revoking visa waivers for U.S. residents in the coming months.

HOWEVER, the U.S. nation branch did not express the problem that the visa waivers could be taken away. “We’ve maintained an open dialogue with eu officers — as well as officials from the one’s member states that require visas for the journey to The usa — on this count,” said Julia Mason, a state department representative. “It’s miles untimely to invest on an imposition of visas on U.S. citizens.”

After terrorist attacks in Brussels and Paris inside the past 12 months that ecu nationals have finished, the U.S. also restricted its visa waiver program to exclude Europeans who had traveled to Iran, Iraq, Sudan, or Syria.


The visa waiver software for U.S. citizens touring Europe has facilitated commercial enterprise and leisure travel over the years because it was carried out in 2001. Millions of U.S. vacationers go to European countries every 12 months, and the number of tourists to Europe started out skyrocketing in 2014 as the dollar has become stronger towards the euro. The growth is about to continue, with U.S. travel to the eu slated to boom through 5.3 percentage in the 2014-2019 length, keeping with the eu journey commission.

With U.S.-based totally multinational businesses, including Coca-Cola and DuPont, annually booking billions of greenbacks in eu sales, it is also less complicated for executives to conduct business across the Atlantic with the useful resource of the visa waiver application. At the least, 10 percent of all U.S. journeys to Europe in 2014 become for the reason of enterprise, and visa requirements ought to probably ratchet that down.EU flag Multinational companies could likely discover a way round visa regulations, possibly with multi-entry visas. However, if visa waivers had been removed, executives may begin with being much less capable of hopping on an aircraft from new york to Paris at a second’s notice. “On the margin of direction, there might be commercial enterprise trips that had been not made, investments that have been now not pitched,” stated the Peterson Institute’s Kirkegaard.

ecu Union flags flutter in the wind out of doors the eu commission constructing in

Suppose the ecu commission decides to remove the visa waiver program. In that case, the flow’s effect will be restrained because the european Parliament and person eu governments can veto it. They probably would, in keeping with Hosuk Lee-Makiyama, director of the eu middle for global Political, economic system, a think tank based totally in Brussels.

“Their tourism sales, the commercial enterprise mobility, it’s now not a joking count for France, Spain, or the U.ok.,” Lee-Makiyama said Tuesday. “Cohesion with the U.S. is possibly more potent than team spirit with the eu.”

Regardless of the final results of the visa waiver discussions, it’d not affect parallel negotiations on TTIP, consistent with Lee-Makiyama. “Negotiations tend to be rather compartmentalized affairs,” he said.

The proposed exchange settlement might, in component, facilitate the mobility of eu organizations that want to go to the U.S. while also increasing export agreements. TTIP has been at the desk because 2013 and its proponents have increasingly driven for its adoption before elections in the U.S., Germany, and France change any key leaders worried about its improvement.