BJP questions decision to allow liquor in Bihar’s army canteen


BJP on Wednesday, April 6, puzzled the Nitish Kumar government’s decision permitting the sale of liquor in army canteens in Bihar, saying it’d make it difficult for the government to put in force an entire prohibition. “If entire prohibition has been enforced in the human beings hobby within the state, what is the idea of allowing the sale of liquor in military canteens,” senior BJP chief Sushil Kumar Modi stated. Modi, who turned into leader Minister Nitish Kumar‘s deputy at some stage in the NDA regime, requested the government make sure that the liquor bought in navy canteens will now not come to open marketplace Alie Nation.

Nitish & SKMBihar goes dry: Desperate alcoholics consume anything to get high!] Will not the high and strong be able to get liquor from navy canteen?… How the authorities would make prohibition a whole success in one of these states of affairs,” he stated. 4 days after banning the sale and intake of us of a-made and spiced liquor in rural regions from April 1, the kingdom authorities observed it up with prohibiting India Made overseas Liquor (IMFL) with on the spot impact the day past. Yesterday, the leader minister stated military cantonment areas would be out of the liquor ban as they regulate the sale and consumption of alcohol in their own way.

Modi yesterday welcomed the selection and said the kingdom government has sooner or later yielded to competition strain for the entire prohibition. Talking for bar and eating places proprietors and industries that make spirit from maize or rice or installation bottling plant life for united states of America-made liquor, Modi requested the government to compensate them adequately as those corporations had come ahead to built their devices on authorities’ warranty.


The kingdom authorities in April last 12 months had banned the sale of country-made liquor in the pouch and allowed the companies to set up bottling vegetation within the country, Modi said, adding that the authorities had now not most effective given those firms licenses but also gave them a subsidy. The government must now return license costs collected for 2016-17 from people in business for going for walks, bars, and restaurants within the kingdom, the senior BJP leader, stated. He stated that the authorities need to provide relief vis-a-vis export duty to folks who set up beer factories. With complete prohibition in trend, those corporations might require exporting their merchandise which includes beer and spirit and therefore the government ought to rationalize export duty, Modi delivered.