Bombay HC urges ministry of finance to have two DRATs in Mumbai


Because of the absence of DRAT benches, the litigants should tour from Mumbai to Up to get an order.

Of the five debt restorations, the Appellate Tribunal (DRAT) in India is the best functioning in the interim because the chairpersons of the remaining three have both retired or resigned from the put-up. This is inflicting excessive hardships on litigants and advocates.

The situation that emerges for a litigant in Mumbai, be it a financial institution or a character, must journey to Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh, around 1,500 kilometers away, to get an intervening time order or pressing listening to. These days, the Bombay excessive court docket pulled up the Union Ministry of Finance. It directed it to recollect having two benches of DRAT in Mumbai to prevent such times wherein litigants and advocates are made to go through.

There are 5 DRATs within the United States of America, of which three — Delhi, Chennai, and Mumbai do not have chairpersons. The DRAT in Mumbai is vacant for a few months because the member retired; for the last 12 months, he has gone on medical leave. Therefore, litigants had to circulate the Chennai tribunal for urgent relief.

Bombay HC urges ministry of finance to have two DRATs in Mumbai

Later, while the high courtroom reprimanded the ministry, an alternative arrangement was made; the chairperson from Chennai used to go to Mumbai to listen to urgent topics. Justices SC Dharmadhikari and GS Kulkarni now have their latest order directing the government to answer in two months. “Why the Union of India and the authorities can’t install money owed restoration Appellate Tribunals in Mumbai to contend with the present-day situation. That means the absence of a chairperson, events, and advocates are inconvenienced to such a volume that they have to travel to some distances off states for locating a chairperson and functional money owed recovery Appellate Tribunal,” said the bench.

Additional solicitor preferred Anil Singh and advised Mohamedali Chunawala, acting for the ministry of finance, agreed to the location on record steps that are being taken to attend to the prevailing situation, emerging from the overall absence of any Chairperson inside the debts’ recovery Appellate Tribunals at Mumbai, Chennai, and Delhi, on the following date of hearing.”

However, to rectify the existing state of affairs of the non-availability of a chairperson at the DRAT in Mumbai, the ministry informed the court docket that it would be debuting the chairperson of the money owed restoration Appellate at Allahabad to go to Mumbai each change week and maintain a sitting so that you can dispose of urgent instances.


The guidelines were given while listening to a petition filed by Suraj Jadhav, who had approached the court docket highlighting the issues confronted by the litigants after the Mumbai chairperson of DRAT proceeded on a medical departure in April, closing 12 months.

Topics before the DRT and debt recuperation appellate authority (DRAT) are attempted under the securitization and reconstruction of monetary property and Enforcement of Securities Act and the healing of debts due to the Banks and Financial Institutions Act.

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