Beauty in eyes of beholder


ALTON — splendor is greater than pores and skin deep.

We all know it; however, we sometimes find ourselves falling into the entice imposed on everybody — by using society.

In any case, beauty is a subjective issue.

Alton Little Theater’s manufacturing of “skin Deep,” written through Jon Lonoff and directed via Alton Little Theater veteran Lee Cox, Thursday, might also 12, thru Sunday, May 22, takes a comedic examine simply how away a few people will visit make themselves appearance a sure way due to the fact they don’t experience they suit the precise definition of splendor.

A large, cute, lonely-coronary heart named Maureen Mulligan (performed with Gail Drillinger) gives romance one ultimate shot on a blind date with sweet yet awkward Joseph Spinelli (Kevin Frakes). Maureen has found out to pepper her speech with jokes to hide insecurities about her weight and look, whilst he’s nearly dangerously forthright, pronouncing the whole thing that involves his thoughts.

The 2 were set up at the date by way of Maureen’s sister, Sheila (Donna Bryant Minard), and her husband, Squire (Steven Harders), who are having personal issues. Sheila undergoes a nonstop series of beautiful surgical procedures to hold onto the appealing and plenty-favored Squire, who might also or won’t have lengthy ago held designs on Maureen, who brought him to Sheila. The play is packed with smart one-liners, which attain deeper into the coronary heart than before everything may also seem apparent.

Cox said all of the actors are doing a quality job. However, she cannot say sufficient right things about Drillinger.

“She simply connects the dots and translates every word of the script …and I’m able to see her growth every night,” Cox stated. “Maureen is self-deprecating, hides at the back of humor and so loving and mild and devoted …and Kevin breaks my heart as the awkward, needy, trying-too-difficult suitor (now not Kevin’s fashion at all). He is splendid and an angel to direct. I give him a observation one time, and it’s carried out.”

Frakes’ man or woman is right away smitten with Maureen and brings her pastries from Bensonhurst (wherein he lives). Maureen’s obsession with her “simple” face and “large female” reputation comes from her skinny sisters and from a former beau who left her at the altar.


Drillinger said she thinks the tale mirrors society.

“You could communicate with any female on the street about her self-picture, and she will find something (normally plenty of things) ‘wrong’ with herself that no one else can see, or a few frame component(s) she could trade if she ought to,” Drillinger said. “Girls are so difficult on themselves, looking to stay as much as pics they see on tv, social media, magazines, and print advertisements of all kinds.

“Hardly ever do you see a curvaceous girl held up as an image of splendor and preference (except for Sophia Loren), yet our society is full of such girls who lead extraordinary and loving lives,” she delivered. “But we constantly beat ourselves up because we’re not pencil thin, tall, and glamorous each hour of the day.”

Beauty in eyes of beholder 1
She believes every woman in the target audience will locate some think of themselves in the play.

“With a bit of luck, they will come away with the message that it’s now not how your appearance at the outdoor that subjects as a good deal as who you’re at the interior,” Drillinger said.

“Skin Deep” methods these kinds of troubles in a funny, smooth-to-digest sort of way. The women convey all their insecurities to the table, however ultimately, they discover the braveness to conquer them.

Drillinger has been related to Alton Little Theater for almost 21 years and said she’s loved each individual she’s been privileged to portray, even though “skin Deep” has come to have a unique place in her heart.

“I really like gambling Maureen, who’s a bit introverted, a little snarky, and a female with a massive appetite for matters she doesn’t really need,” Drillinger said. “While she meets Joe, her existence adjustments in all of the right ways.”

Cox stated she is deeply involved in youth obesity and dangerous consuming conduct so normal inside the u.s.a…

“And I’m dismayed whilst the media barrages us with countless classified ads about terrific-size caloric ingredients, along with pictures of actresses who get thinner and thinner via the last decade,” she said.

How does one go along with the other?

“Younger girls beneath the age of 5 have a natural and will care much less if they appear to be pudgy cupids or have grass of their hair — they embody affection and realize no prejudice,” Cox stated. “With the aid of age 12, 90 percent of ladies cite a hate for one or extra parts of their bodies — and feature tried to ‘eating regimen,’ so what are we doing to ourselves?

“Whilst a size 14 became plus-size, and the maximum ‘appropriate’ version length is ‘0,’ I say, ‘Whoa,’ and search for a bit balance,” she said.

When she examines “pores and Skin Deep,” she idea, “let’s talk approximately notion and rejoice that we are all born with unique body kinds.”

The individual of “ Maureen” makes a few unhealthy food picks to make certain — however, she eats when she’s anxious when she’s lonely, whilst’s she aching for something she believes she can never have — can’t all of us relate to that a little bit?

Robyn sofa, Gary Wilson, and Robin Karpan will help with the technical aspects of the display.

“Pores and skin Deep” will wrap up Alton Little Theater’s 82nd season, and will be on degree for eight performances on Thursday, can also 12, and Sunday, might also 22. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night performances are at 7:30 p.m.; Sunday matinees at 2 p.m. Tickets cost $17 for adults; $10 for college students and are to be had through the container workplace 618-462-3205 or online at Season tickets for the 83rd season can be on sale all through the run of “pores and skin Deep” at a reduced early-chicken charge. Develop tickets for the six-performance run of “reputation” (July 22 to 31) will also be available.

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