Killer Ways to Trick Out Your Ride


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You’ve invested a fair amount of money into your ride. You care what it looks like driving down the road, but you wish it would turn more heads than it does now. To get more attention on your car, consider adding aftermarket modifications to it to achieve the style you’re looking for. Using our checklist, determine which killer ways you’d like to trick out your ride.

New Tires and Wheels Change the Whole Look

One of the fastest ways to make your car look even sportier and hot is by changing out both your wheels and your tires. Consider low-wall tires and larger wheels in various designs. Stick with the classic chrome or opt for a gunmetal finish, rose gold, or matte black.

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Your wheels are the foundation of your car, so what you choose will affect its overall aesthetic. Choose wisely.

Add a Spoiler, Rear Wings, and Side Skirts

Not all cars look great with a spoiler, but if yours does, adding one can add character to your car, making it look more sporty. A functional spoiler serves an aerodynamic purpose and should deflect air upwards as you drive, exuding a downward force on the car to hold it to the road.

Suppose you’re looking to increase your ride’s aerodynamics while adding clean lines and a lowered look; consider adding rear wings and side skirts. Side skirts are intended to act as air dams and prevent airflow from going between your car and the road. Rear wings, like spoilers, allow air to push down onto your car, making the tires “stick” to the road.

Tint Your Windows

For the biggest bang for your buck, modifying your car tinted windows is a great choice. Work with a professional in your area to tint as dark as the law will allow. This creates an unbroken visual line for the length of your car’s cabin.

Tinting your windows can also help with keeping them cool in the hot summer months. The tinting provides an element of shade and prevents the sun from heating the inside of your car and potentially fading or damaging your upholstery or dashboard. For example, car window tinting in San Diego, where it is often sunny, is a good idea to keep the interior of your car looking like new for longer.

Wrap It Up

Have you ever seen a car driving down the road with a cool graphic emblazoned across the body and hood? The car likely has a vinyl wrap, and they’re inexpensive options for changing your vehicle’s look and protecting the original paint job.

If you want your car to look completely different — maybe a different color or a pattern — a vinyl wrap can get you there for less than it costs to have your entire car repainted. And if you grow tired of the pattern, color, or emblem, you can always remove the vinyl. Your paint job underneath will look as good as the day you first had the vinyl wrap installed.

Keep It Clean

Taking your car through a car wash to keep the exterior clean will keep your car looking killer for years to come. Roadway debris, tar, and oils can damage the finish on your car, and keeping it clean lessens the risk.

Keeping your ride clean on the inside is also important. When your upholstery, seats, dash, headliner, and console are kept tidy, properly moisturized, and maintained, your car holds more value over time. Also, it’s always impressive to a passenger when they hop aboard your car and find that it’s flawlessly clean.

Custom License Plates

Your state’s standard license plate doesn’t say anything about you as a person or about your car. Requesting a vanity plate for your car lets you send the world a message about your personality or car’s make and model. Although it costs more to register your car with a vanity plate, for some, it’s worth it to have a clever quote, funny saying, or your name adorning your license plate. Everyone will know it’s you if you pass them on the highway.

A Note about Safety

Although modifying the look and even the functionality of your car gives it personality and pimps it out, always remember that safety should take precedence over a sick-looking car. To avoid unnecessary traffic tickets, make sure all your modifications are street legal so that you can get positive attention as you drive, not the attention of the Highway Patrol.