People always want to look good and feel good. They want everything around them to look good, even their cars for that matter. There are so many people who own wonderful cars with tinted windows. Has it never occurred to you that you could too try tinting your car windows? After all, you too want to cruise down the avenue to join the cool and shady. If you have made up your mind for that then you are finally ready to tint your car windows. But there is a lot more to car tint than you think. So you must think your way out, here are some tips that will help you get a better car tint.


With the advancement of technology, there exist many clean-cut technologies in the market like the computer-cut film. These FILMs offer the perfect fit for your car’s glass surface, it seems like as if the film was always a part of the car, right from the day you bought your car.


There are many vehicles on the road, every day people buy two or a four-wheeler. This tends to make your personal car prone to various kinds of casualties like a stone that was kicked up by the car in front driving in front of you. Similarly, there can be several other unforeseen circumstances. So in order to protect your car from such everyday stunts, you can put a window film which will make sure to hold your glass together. Albeit window tints protect your vehicle, but a dark tint can cause difficulties for motorists as they cannot see the interior of the vehicle and it makes it less viable for a passing chancer. Like they say once you are out of sight, you are out of mind.


Many times your seat and dashboard of the car tend to fade away, this is because of sunlight. However, a tint protects them from the sunlight. A 3M Crystalline will actually block out 99.9% of UV rays. If you want your car to look as good as new on the inside as it is on the outside, make sure to get the windows tinted. This may further help you get a better resale value in the future.


When its summertime, your car often has a habit of heating up. A window tint can help your car maintain its cool, even when parked outside under the sun. It ensures it is easier on the engine. Further, a lot of you are of the opinion that tint means black or dark windows. But with technological upgradations, you no more have to fret over it as there are 200 layers of proprietary technology from 3M that still doesn’t change the way your windows look from the outside. In addition to this, a crystalline film makes sure that the tint of the car never fades or turns purple. This makes you and your car cool and calm so that you can drive on.


There are a lot of stigmas that prevail regarding window tints. People say that a window tint car doesn’t catch radio signals or the Bluetooth doesn’t work. However, all such stigmas are wrong and it doesn’t interfere with any of your car’s ability to send and receive signals. And with the advanced Automotive Window Films, it is easier than ever to use GPS navigation, Bluetooth and enjoy the latest radio show to your heart’s content.


Just because they are charging less that doesn’t mean that they are the best. Never choose quality over price. The reputable tinting company may charge you a bit high but should always be your go-to company for car tints. They provide you with quality tinting which shall save you from shelling out more money later.

So keep in mind the above tips and remember a quality tint can last for more than 10 years with the right care. So go get your car windows tinted today!