Tips To Maintain Your HVAC System 


Your HVAC system works throughout the year, all day and night. And just like any other electrical thing, it does not last forever. Generally, its lifespan is 12 to 15 years, but if you take care of your HVAC system efficiently and get the repairs done timely, then its life can be extended.

Many homeowners overlook the maintenance task of the HVAC systems because they think that it is time-consuming and expensive. But they are unaware that such delays will lead to more costly repairs and replacements in the worst case. Just like your car needs timely service to function properly, your HVAC system also demands scheduled service.

Tips To Maintain Your HVAC System  1

Probing further, let us see some useful tips to maintain the HVAC system.

  1. Schedule two services every year – Though HVAC systems don’t require high maintenance, that doesn’t mean you will not pay attention to routine maintenance. Your system should be serviced twice every year. The best is to schedule the servicing in spring and late summers. This way, your system will be optimized for efficiency, and if a severe problem is discovered, you can deal with it before it comes to replacement.
  2. Change filters regularly – Do you remember when the last time you changed the filters of your HVAC system was? If not, then let me tell you that replacing filters on time is extremely crucial. Disposable filters keep your system clean. Additionally, more dust in the filters will put more strain on the system, which will negatively impact the efficiency of your system. So, make sure to change them after every two months based on the usage of HVAC. In case someone in your home is allergic to dust, or you have pets in your home, then consider replacing it more frequently.
  3. Pay attention to the repairs – It is imperative to get the necessary repairs done on time if you want your HVAC system to serve you for years to come. Get the HVAC motor repaired by an experienced electrician as soon as you notice some problem with it. And the problem can come into a vision if you don’t forget its scheduled service.
  4. Keep the condensing unit clean – Most of the time, outside units of an HVAC system are overlooked. Air conditioners have an outdoor condensing unit to disperse heat in the summer. But it should not be done because it is as important as the indoor unit. The metal fins on this unit get clogged too frequently because of dirt and grime. So, make sure to clean it twice a year with a water hose.
  5. Check the drainpipe for any blockage – If you don’t know where the drainpipe of your system is, then ask your maintenance technician. Check the drainpipe of your HVAC system and clear the blockages that build up there many times.