‘Save democracy’: Following Sonia-Rahul show, Cong workers vow to carry on fight


New Delhi: the instant Congress president Sonia Gandhi seemed at the dais to address a massive accumulating comprising broadly speaking birthday celebration employees at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on Friday, a wave of hope, cheer, and exuberance traversed through the group.

Excessive decibel sloganeering started as she released a scathing attack on the BJP, saying, “Preventing anti-country wide forces is nothing new for the Congress. The party is aware of a way to stand up to those who threaten concord and brotherhood in this. BJP doesn’t understand what Congress is made up of. Existence has taught me to battle, and we’ve confronted several challenges.”Representational photo of the store democracy march held in New Delhi on Friday. AFP Representational picture. AFP

The Congress birthday celebration didn’t need to lose any possibility to guard itself at the AgustaWestland case, particularly because its call for a perfect court-monitored probe became rejected on Wednesday inside the Parliament. They counter-attack in opposition to the Narendra Modi authorities by highlighting the NDA authorities’ alleged disasters in retaining its promises. For this reason, held a keep democracy march.

The usage of the platform of store democracy march, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi stated, “Mohan Bhagwat of RSS and high Minister Modi are ruining the United States of America. In which are the two crore jobs the PM promised to provide?”Former top Minister Manmohan Singh became the third arrow within the Congress quiver to assault the BJP.

The march carried out by using the top Congress management from Jantar Mantar up to Parliament Road police station – in which the leaders were detained and later permit-off after the final touch of formalities – charged up the youngster’s Congress cadre and party workers at large, who began sloganeering at the streets, showing celebration flags and banners.
It became a display of energy for them as they felt that the birthday celebration management, which is already on a returned foot due to fierce attacks from the BJP on the AgustaWestland issue, has succeeded in giving a befitting response and conveying its stand to the public My Update Studio.

Across the birthday celebration traces, the senior leaders and people termed the consistent attack on their top leadership by the BJP as “political vendetta and excessive-handedness of the Modi authorities.”Firstpost spoke with a moving segment of Congress leaders and workers during the rally. Here’s what they said:


Has the BJP deliberately targeted the pinnacle Congress leadership?
Sandeep Dikshit (Former MP from East Delhi): India is a democratic USA, and the government uses the charter. The authorities have failed on several fronts, and as a cowl, it has intentionally targeted the pinnacle management of Congress.

Rashid Alvi (Former MP and leader): BJP’s authorities at the Centre, and PM Narendra Modi is its head. So, it’s much easier to use its majority within Parliament in targeting our president, Sonia Gandhi, and VP, Rahul Gandhi. There is no proof against our leaders’ involvement in the Agusta Westland case.
Pranav Jha (Congress member): There’s a lot of anarchy throughout us, and the Centre has failed to deal with it. Because Congress raised those issues inside Parliament to divert the attention of the common public, our leaders were focused.

'Save democracy': Following Sonia-Rahul show, Cong workers vow to carry on fight 1Do you observe it as a political vendetta?

Sandeep Dikshit: The way the Narendra Modi authorities have leveled fees towards the Congress and are looking to frame its top management in AgustaWestland issue smells of political vendetta. There may be no proof of the involvement of our president and vice president within the complete episode.

Rashid Alvi: It’s a clear case of political vendetta because the BJP has been looking to weigh down Congress in any manner, which direction they would in no way be able to take. Why was our demand for a splendid courtroom-monitored probe turned down?
Vidya Ratan Jindal (Congress worker and trader): The BJP is into vendetta politics, which is clear from how it’s been targetting Sonia Ji and Rahul Ji. It’s time for the Modi authorities to look at it independently.

Has the Congress rally successfully conveyed its message to the commonplace guy?
Anil Dhantori (Ex-MLA, Kurukshetra): Humans have been cheated using the NDA authorities. We need to keep you. s. a. From fascist forces and Congress is the simplest alternative. Via this rally, our birthday party president and vice chairman successfully conveyed this message.
Pranav Jha: The response of today’s rally is itself evidence. The people are with us.

What must you mention about BJP’s dream of creating a “Congress-Mukt Bharat“?
Anil Dhantori: PM Modi ought to forestall appearing as a dictator and his undemocratic methods of destabilizing elected country governments.
Himmat Singh (teenagers Congress popular secretary, Ambala): It’s a wild dream of the BJP. They attempted to dislodge the elected governments in Arunachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Now, human beings need ‘RSS-BJP must Bharat.’

Do you believe you studied Congress celebration will make a comeback?
Sandeep Dikshit: virtually. It’ll include a roaring majority inside the Parliament in 2019 and within the states. The Bihar election has proved it. Congress has achieved proper results in Gujarat civil polls as well. Just wait and watch.
Pranav Jha: people of this u. s. a. They are gradually getting disenchanted with the BJP government. Congress can be returned with a complete majority.
Prakash Nidhi Garg (UPCC secretary & in-charge, Mathura): We’re working hard in every election, and genuinely, Congress will make a comeback.