Robert Herjavec: ‘If You’re Worried About Burning Out, Don’t Start a Business’



Robert Herjavec doesn’t trust in paintings-lifestyles stability, not with regards to beginning a commercial enterprise.

“in the starting there’s no work-life balance,” the CEO and founding father of Toronto-primarily based internet security company Herjavec institution tells Entrepreneur. “there’s no, ‘I’ll do it when I want to do it,’ and ‘I’ll take my time and get to it.’ everything is right now.”

That’s because raising a small enterprise is like raising a baby, he says. “It’s a dwelling, breathing issue,” he says. “whilst it desires to eat, it wants to consume. It doesn’t care if you have a dinner date or some other place to move. It wishes what it needs whilst it desires it.”

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taking care of your infant, your small enterprise, is all-eating during its infancy. Like being a crushed new discern, Herjavec says you can overlook approximately well looking after your self whilst you take care of it. “you can’t. That’s a fallacy,” he says. “in case you’re involved about burning out, don’t start a commercial enterprise. The willpower and discipline required are almost insurmountable. It’s really difficult.”

Taking a spoil to attend to yourself is simplest an alternative, he says, after you’ve raised the toddler to live on without helicopter parenting it, while you may manage to pay for to hire employees and advertising and marketing companions to feed the subsequent degree of increase.

“simplest while you get to a success stage, then you definately have the freedom and the stability to do things when you need to. there’s no more freedom than having a small business and attending to dictate your very own time table.”
Robert Herjavec: 'If You're Worried About Burning Out, Don't Start a Business' 1
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We spoke with the Shark Tank star nowadays as he announced a new initiative in partnership with Deluxe agency, simply in time for country wide Small business Week. The campaign, called the Small commercial enterprise Revolution, will award one small U.S. metropolis with $500,000 to revitalize its essential street location this 12 months. The winner will be introduced one week from today My Update Star.

“Our intention is to assist small corporations become crucial,” he says. “We work with them to reveal them to a number of the super sources available to them, from advertising to financing to cloud computing and past.”


starting up a commercial enterprise is one element, surviving and thriving is any other. To help beginner small-business owners get off on the proper foot, right here are the Shark’s top three matters to recognise for first-timers:

1. realize who your consumer is.
“The cause of a commercial enterprise to create customers. The undertaking that small-business owners have is they don’t realize who that patron is after which they don’t recognize the way to locate them. there are such a lot of tools these days with mailing lists, search engine optimization and fb, you need to cross where your customers are.”

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2. recognize your numbers.
“You’ve got to recognise how much cash you want, what your credit line is, what your receivables are, because they’re the lifeblood of any enterprise.”

3. Be inclined to paintings extraordinarily difficult.