The dubious rise of Theranos was helped by a compliant press


A story of gullibility

James B. Stewart, a fantastic economic writer, is currently distinctive about how “many boldface names enabled the stratospheric upward thrust of the blood-checking out startup Theranos,” such as former high-ranking authorities officers and Walgreens. (The NY Times)
but there’s any other party this has helped enable an enterprise whose claims to run a vast range of tests from a finger prick “proved to be grossly exaggerated, if no longer completely fake” — the media. As conceitedness truthful places it, “In case you peel all of the layers of this story again, at the center you will find one of the extra insidious culprits: the Silicon Valley tech press. They embraced (Theranos boss Elizabeth) Holmes and her startup with a surprising lack of questions on the technology she had supposedly developed.”

She has been profiled in lots of locations, including the brand New Yorker, and even seemed on Vanity Honest’s very own New Status Quo list. “however, it changed into a passage in that New Yorker profile, written with the aid of Ken Auletta, that led” Wall street journal reporter John Carreyrou, a -time Pulitzer Prize winner, to start thinking. Now, after Carreyrou’s research, federal prosecutors have commenced a crook investigation into Theranos’s, in all likelihood, deceptive investors. (The Wall Road Journal) The media, of path, cannot be indicted for being simply credulous.

Bill O’Reilly, self-described pugilist

there was a short brawl between Huffington submits Ryan Grim and Fox News’ Jesse Watters after the White Residence Correspondents’ Association dinner. So O’Reilly had Watters on final night time. After Watters stated he failed to swing at Grim, O’Reilly said he “could be in jail” after the confrontation. (Media subjects) sure, a sixty six-yr-vintage Mike Tyson, a paragon of self-restraint.
In the meantime, comic Larry Wilmore, whose dinner recurring angered a few, used his show Ultimate Night to deride Piers Morgan (and others) for bashing him for, in their minds, using a slur closer to Obama in his last line. In reality, as Wilmore recommended those who don’t know, he turned into using a Black-to-Black period of endearment, “my nigga.” at the same time, “I understand why people could be disenchanted approximately that. It’s a charged word. I am getting it.”

Gannett asks Trib shareholders to “withhold.”

On Monday, Gannett introduced it changed into in search of “withhold” votes from directors going for walks for positions at Tribune Publishing’s annual meeting on June 2. (Poynter) Michael Ferro, Tribune’s new boss, is resisting. If the deal had been to go through, Gannett could have about 17 percent of the kingdom’s daily newspaper flow of forty-one million. (Bloomberg) in the meantime, Oaktree Capital institution, Tribune’s no. 2 shareholder, reportedly needs the newspaper business enterprise to speak to Gannett, in step with multiple anonymous resources. (Reuters)
Hulk Hogan’s modern-day lawsuit

After prevailing a $ 40 million judgment against Gawker Media over its decision to put up an edited intercourse tape, Hogan is now suing Gawker for allegedly leaking the very racist recordings to The countrywide Enquirer that ended in international Wrestling enjoyment bidding him farewell. (New York Post) Gawker retorted that Hogan is “abusing the court docket gadget to control his public image.”A legal bottom line: The big question is the inherent newsworthiness in any such declaration of privateness. The intercourse video became one factor (a doubtful claim, no matter his victory), but this one probably is not even near. The wrestling group canned him due to this stuff, now not the frolicking together with his former pal’s wife.

A football stunner without precedent

It changed into the top of the BBC website (“one of the finest wearing stories of all time”) for a long time, the day before this, and with the right purpose. Leicester metropolis, a 1,000-to-1 longshot at the season’s beginning, clinched the championship of Britain’s ultimate League in soccer. There may be no real counterpart in American professional sports activities; it’s that stunning. (BBC) “This is the largest upset, bar none, in wearing records,” said ESPN soccer announcer Ian Darke. (ESPN) No marvel. I counted 14 stories at the front of the Leicester Mercury web once I heard the news. (Leicester Mercury).


it’s nearly as if a bunch of men who had been gambling in a commercial softball league a few years lower back were given into Main League Baseball and won the World Series. But it was bittersweet information for Bloomberg Editor-in-leader John Micklethwait, who decided to set his normal 20-pound bet on the Leicester metropolis, costing himself nearly $one hundred fifty,000. (CNN)
The dubious rise of Theranos was helped by a compliant press 1
Obama goes nearby

President Obama’s schedule consists of getting the Senate to take in the nomination of Merrick Garland to the U.S. very best court. But he pushed the case Monday with specific interviews with TV anchors, including Cammy Dierking of WKRC in Cincinnati, Steve Karlin of KCCI in Des Moines, Kathy Mykleby of WISN in Milwaukee, Kari Lake of KSAZ in Phoenix, and Josh McElveen of WMUR in Manchester, New Hampshire.
As is often the case with those formulaic apple-polishing classes, the anchors were given to dangle at the White House a big chunk of the day, at the assembly with presidential advisers. Dierking tweeted, “First-class. Day. Ever.” all the journalists agreed in advance to ask Obama at least one query approximately Garland. Absolute confidence, no interview.

Andrew Sullivan on Trump

Sullivan, a former prolific blogger, returns to the writing fray in Big Apple Mag to conclude, “In phrases of our liberal democracy and constitutional order, Trump is an extinction stage event.” (Big Apple) With Anderson Cooper on CNN the remaining night, he left with absolute confidence. “I assume he threatens our civil order.”The raid on bin encumbered

With enough White House help, CNN’s Peter Bergen did an excellent job documenting the 2011 raid on Osama bin encumbered’s compound. In “We Got Him: Obama, Bin Weighted Down and the Battle on Terror,” Obama sits with him inside the scenario Room (no longer Wolf Blitzer’s set, the real one) and describes looking at one of the helicopters getting broken. (CNN)
The details encompass an incredulous Obama thinking why the crew resorted to using a six-foot-tall SEAL to degree bin weighted down’s peak. “We had $60 million for a helicopter and no longer $10 for a tape measure?” He later provided Admiral William McRaven with a tape degree. The compelling show’s backside line: the raid has made us safer; however, a Paris or Brussels-fashion attack remains a peril.

Welfare and poverty

The Big Apple Times produces a super thirteen-minute look at the 20th anniversary of President Clinton signing a historical welfare reform law. What ought we say in any case those many years? Sure, it was given heaps of humans back to paintings. However, a few states have honestly shafted the worst among us and elevated the ranks of the needy. Folks that provide their takes encompass Peter Edelman, who changed into a top Clinton administration legit who stopped over the Clinton circulate then. (The Big Apple instances)
Indiana or bust

It was all very plenty identical on the news channels this morning. For Ted Cruz, it’s “Indiana or toast,” bannered Fox, which miraculously located many Trump backers at an Indianapolis deli in a literal look for toast. CNN became a petty empty polling place (no marvel, in Vigo County, which has a music document for choosing presidents). Jackie Kucinich of The Daily Beast stated a Cruz loss manner, “He could have less of a case to be made that he can ultimately be the nominee.” This is pretty apparent. MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” became chewing the fats back in Manhattan and aired as an alternative feisty backward and forward among Cruz and Trump supporters. “A question anybody must ask,” Cruz started out saying at one point earlier than being interrupted with the aid of a protester’s well-timed, “Are you Canadian?”Filling an opening

Richard Conniff, a first-rate writer-journalist who makes a specialty of animal conduct (along with that folk’s two-legged animals), indicates to me that there is a brand new outlet for herbal records that enables fill a yawning gap created by museums’ inability to explain the outstanding paintings they do. Welcome Biographic through the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, which is “taking the initiative to create an online magazine about the natural international,” in line with Conniff, whose modern-day e-book is “House of Lost Worlds: Dinosaurs, Dynasties, and the tale of existence on the planet.”He says the mag “isn’t the stupid stuff that lots of search engine optimization-pushed websites do (for example, ‘Why Do Puppy Lick Glass?’). It’s about ecosystems and approximately how animals virtually stay inside the wild. to pick out one item at random: Who would have a concept that a wolf % on the Pacific Coast could stay by following the tides to feed on freshly laid herring eggs?” I, at this moment, concede I would not have. (Biographic)

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