Pros and cons of independent writing: should I pay to do my essay or write it myself?


By this time, you are clearly aware of the existence of doing my essay services. There are lots of agencies that offer assistance with essay writing. Perhaps, you have had this question in your mind: should I pay to do my essay or write it myself? Well, the answer to this question depends on a variety of factors: the amount of time you have, your desire to work on the assignment you have been given, your ability to find enough theoretical findings and evidence, and so on. You are the only one who knows the right answer. Yet, there are both pros and cons of independent writing. It is up to you whether to pay to do my essay or deal with the assignment independently. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of independent writing.

TOEFL Independent Writing Practice: Step by Step

Pros of independent writing

If you decide to work on your essay writing task yourself instead of my essay services, you will develop your writing skills. Surely, it may take you longer, but you will definitely figure out how to get better at essay writing. Even if you think that homework is a waste of time, writing essays helps organize your paper thoughts. In addition to that, you learn how to create an outline and stick to it. If you opt to pay to do my essays, it might take you longer to acquire these skills.

Apart from that, you will be proud of completing this assignment instead of using pay to do my essay services. No matter the grade you are going to get, you will know that you are the one who has worked really hard on the accomplishment of this task. In other words, you have chosen the more difficult option than googling do my essay for me and addressing your request to one of the available agencies.

Cons of independent writing

One of the biggest drawbacks of independent writing and completing the task on your own is that you often feel stuck in the process of working on it. This feeling is widespread for everyone who gets to deal with tons of academic writing assignments. Sometimes, students get so desperate that they wonder: do we need homework, and what is the whole point? If you are one of such students, writing help is available. You don’t have to suffer when you have trustworthy do my essay services right on hand. This way, you will be familiar with the cons of independent writing as you will have an expert on hand who can check my essay for me and assist me during the whole writing process.

Another drawback of independent writing is that you can never be 100% sure that the ideas you are about to dwell upon are truly unique. Obviously, you want your piece of writing to stand out. However, you are not quite certain whether you have managed to find an original approach to discuss the issue in question.

The golden mean

Perhaps, what you can learn from this comparative analysis is that independent writing is not for everyone. What is more, sometimes you feel like completing the task on your own while the only thing you want the next day is to find an expert who will assist you. That is why you should take the following factors into account when you are thinking about writing an essay yourself:

  • The amount of time you have
  • Whether you feel inspired to do this
  • The ability to find all necessary resources
  • Your writing skills

If you do not feel like dealing with such a complex assignment on your own at the moment, there is nothing wrong with asking for help. If you are up to it, go ahead and get down to work. It is completely up to you.


Taking everything into consideration, a lot depends on a student’s ability to demonstrate how great they are at independent writing. Even if they feel like writing an essay themselves, they often lack time to submit an impressive paper. That is the reason why having a backup plan is so important. Sometimes, the best thing one can do is rely on professional writers who have been working in the field of paper writing assistance for years. After all, you are the one who should decide whether you can complete the assignment yourself or pay an expert who can assist you with essay writing. Besides, there are so many trustworthy services these days that finding an expert you can fully trust will not take you long. Once you do that, a reliable essay writing assistant will always be at your disposal, no matter how complex your assignment is or how little time you have to complete it. This is the whole point of having a reliable and experienced essay writer on hand – you can address your request to them anytime and get top-quality assistance within the shortest period of time.