How to Monetize Your Writing Skills


If you have perfect the art of writing, there is a whole lot of opportunities for you to pursue and monetize your writing skills. Today, there are many people making money as thesis help writers. You too could become one of them or delve into other writing fields among the many that are available in this digital age. You can choose to be a content contributor, blogger or a copywriter among many other options. Here are ways on how to monetize your hard-earned writing skills and benefit yourself:

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  1. Writing Ads for Use on Internet Portals

If you are persuaded that you have a good mastery of words and have the power to influence people, online advertisement is one of the ways through which you can make money. It is important to master online promotion principles and put them into practice in order to be successful. It may involve writing long reads, descriptions or just brief notes.

  1. Write Your Own Blog

Get started with your personal blog and make it a huge business. There are different paths to take: promotion, lead generation, marketing or making it a selling point for different kinds of ads. This is something worth trying. Obviously, it may be very competitive in fields that have high demand. However, if you succeed in it, you will reap a lot of monetary benefits. Establish yourself as an influencer to win the attention of huge corporations and business establishments to use you for their advertisements.

  1. Writing Blogs for Pay

Some bloggers don’t write content by themselves. What they do is hire writers to do the writing for them. Should you get an opportunity of this kind, it is something to consider because you will get paid well for your writing skills. It is also a good learning point that will even prepare you for more money in the future. There are such opportunities for you to make money this way. There are those who offer work on do my homework for money platforms. They will pay you for writing assignments that they were required to do.


  1. Contributing Articles to Different Media

Writers get paid for writing articles for various online magazines among other different kinds of media. High-quality content is highly valued these days and if you believe you got the abilities to produce such, this is something worth trying. This is a good way of using your skills on a global scale and getting paid for it. Recommended platforms to write for are such sites as Forbes, Hubspot and many other platforms of this kind.

  1. Sign-up for Writing Work Online

A lot of work is being done online these days. Therefore, you can consider this option if you have garnered enough writing skills that you can offer to those in need of them. There are several writing platforms offering writing opportunities where you get linked to clients and get paid for completing their writing projects. With a careful search online, you will find good platforms where you will be required to sign up and showcase your skills for consideration by clients.

  1. Writing and Selling Ebooks

This is the best way to go if you want to monetize your writing skills. This is especially if you like writing long pieces of information and conduct a detailed research on something you are interested in and one that you think would be of help to other people. People looking for such information wouldn’t mind buying your EBook. At the end of it all, you will earn revenue for providing useful information and research that other people are looking for online.

Final Remarks

Writing has a lot of avenues to explore especially if you are looking for a career in this sector. There are many options to explore. You can choose to work for someone or just work for yourself and monetize all your writings through EBooks, establish an independent writing agency and so on. There are also paid-to-write services that you can use.