After more than a month of usage of the Logitech G900 as my each day paintings and gaming mouse, I’m able to’t discover a single flaw or factor in disliking Logitech’s new wireless flagship. It’s extraordinarily mild for a wi-fi mouse (and mild for a gaming mouse, period, at 107 grams), has a superb form that contours to my hand notwithstanding being an ambidextrous design, and hasn’t proven a single signal of jitter, stutter, or wi-fi failure in the time I’ve been trying out it. It’s the pleasant gaming mouse I’ve ever used, with the simplest drawback: to perform the feat of engineering that is the G900, Logitech made a $150 mouse, double or triple the charge of the satisfactory stressed mice that exist nowadays.

Placing aside the price communication for a minute, the G900 is a feature-packed mouse that might be ambitious even before you issue in the complexities of wi-fi gaming. The 107-gram weight is centered at players who, like pro gamers, want a light mouse to perform as an extension in their hand, no longer a heavy object which you sling across a pad. Despite that weight, the G900 doesn’t feel fragile or reasonably priced. There’s no flex in the plastic in case you squeeze it.

Logitech’s signature metal Hyper scroll wheel continues to be there, now cored out to weigh a few grams much less. The wheel nevertheless spins freely for 15 seconds or offers a satisfying notched scroll depending on the mode you have got it set to with a short button press. The wheel also clicks facet-to-facet for two more button inputs, which is considered one of my favorite capabilities beyond Logitech mice. I don’t use it for gaming. However, I like it as a web browser forward-and-again keybind.

The two actual stars of the G900 are its ambidextrous body and its newly designed hinge for the left- and proper-click buttons. Ambidextrous designs commonly bring about a form that’s now not as ideal for a right-exceeded grip. As a lefty myself, I’m sympathetic to gamers who want a splendid mouse designed for their left hand, however as I grew up beneath the vicious thumb of the general public schooling gadget, I long ago discovered to use a mouse (and scissions) with my proper hand. At the same time as there are ambidextrous shapes out there that many players swear by using (often because they’re small, light-weight mice) like the Steelseries Sensei, I frequently discover myself mis-clicking the buttons on the proper aspect of the mouse or wishing my thumb and pinky had unique grooves or grips designed to support them.


Those problems don’t crop up with the G900. a pair of thumb buttons on each aspect of the mouse can effortlessly be removed or attached with the use of magnets, and the G900 ships with clean portions to fill within the button slots in your off-hand. No matter attaching to magnets, I haven’t had any problem with the click activation of the buttons or their ability to stay attached to the mouse. Their length and placement are also a welcome improvement over Logitech’s closing version, the G303, which made its thumb buttons a chunk too small and thin.

The thumb grooves on each side of the mouse are excellently contoured (and have a few mild grooves for added grip) to present my thumb and pinky purchase. The very best manner to explain the holding of the G900 is to mention that it doesn’t experience like an ambidextrous mouse in my hand. The back hump of the mouse is right for both a palm or claw grip and at the same time, as the tough angles on top appear to be, they’d pinch your hand; I’ve by no means made contact with the one’s spots in a month of use.


Logitech’s new pivot bar for its most important mouse buttons creates the best feeling and sounding click I’ve ever used in a mouse. Sound sincerely plays a diffuser element in the “experience” of a click on, within the same way that a automobile’s exhaust influences how we perceive its power (Ford clearly engineered the 2008 Mustang to sound love it did on-display screen in Steve McQueen’s Bullitt). The sensible gain to this layout is that the press always behaves irrespective of wherein you click on the button. Because the clicking action comes from a metal pivot bar, now not a chunk of plastic flexing on a hinge point, there’s no variance within the plastic actions primarily based on how your finger presses the button.

That is the kind of minutia that most people will by no means notice or care approximately whilst we’re playing games, and the full-size majority of the time, perhaps it doesn’t be counted. But it feels splendid. It feels crisp. I ought to use all sorts of other adjectives that would additionally observe to a clean cucumber. The real benefit is that no matter how fast I’ve attempted to click on the G900, I’ve never had the button rebound with my finger and motive me to miss a click on it. It’s miles absolutely the polar opposite of the click inside the worst gaming mouse I’ve ever used.

In checking out the G900’s sensor (the equal featured in Logitech’s G502 and the G303), I couldn’t locate any troubles with acceleration or jitter, even at a excessive DPI placing of 8000. The mouse responds to tiny moves but doesn’t pick up microscopic readings from fabric mousepads as some laser sensors do. And for the reason that there’s no twine whilst the usage of the mouse wirelessly, its lightweight frame can’t get jerked around by way of its cable.

I’ve already written approximately how Logitech designed the G900 and its 12,000 DPI sensor for wi-fi performance and trying it out with video games like League of Legends. Unreal Tournament hasn’t found out any issues for me in phrases of overall performance. It surely feels splendid. Clicks are responsive. There’s no perceptible lag or stutter at the mouse’s 1 ms polling price. this is anecdotal, but I landed a pretty unwell headshot in an Unreal match. I endorse the feeling.

The G900’s battery lifestyle has been exceptional in the time I’ve used it. The mouse well goes to sleep after a brief span of inaction. However, I’ve by no means skilled a perceptible little bit of lag as I’ve woken it from sleep. It snaps to existence and is ready to head. With its most important LED disabled (a brief change in Logitech’s software program), the mouse can constantly function for a piece extra than 30 hours. Sitting on my table at paintings, I’ve changed the G900 about as soon as in line with the week.

If I designed the G900, there are tiny things I’d alternate. I’d probably add rubber thumb grips, a la the Razer Deathadder, to each aspect. Actually, that might be the most effective issue I’d change. The body layout of the G900 is a breakthrough for Logitech, and its click mechanism and wi-fi overall performance are a step up for gaming mice, length. The one’s things upload up to a mouse that’s really worth $a hundred and fifty, but a chunk too expensive for the common gamer. If and when the charge comes down, it’ll be the excellent gaming mouse, period.