How to Choose Piano VST Plugins for Software Piano


Today, one can find Piano VST plugins in a number of hundreds then how one can choose the best one for oneself is the biggest concern. It is not necessarily that all hundreds available in the market are meant for you. Each and every Piano VST plugin is going to produce a different sound.

It is important to evaluate features of piano VST plugins before thinking of getting one out of your considerations. You have to choose the best one for your software piano based on some factors. The various factors that you need to consider before choosing the ultimate piano VST are given below:

1. Type

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While choosing a piano VST plugin, you need to consider its types first. Basically, piano VST plugins are of two types, namely Sample-based and Modeled. In the Sample-based ones, there are prerecorded sound samples, which are recorded from a real acoustic piano. Musicians can combine and use these recorded sounds, which are produced by the combination of 88 keys in multiple yet different ways.

On the other hand, Modeled VST plugins are piano software, which runs as per coded algorithm to produce a sound that is quite similar to the one produced by an actual acoustic instrument. So, choose a type first!

2. Customizability

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After choosing a type of piano VST plugin, look for its customizability. Here, you have to consider what all features you are looking in a piano VST plugin. If you want to cover just basics, then you can go with any plugin but if you have to create your own original sounds, then you have to choose plugins that have some unique and advanced features.

3. Compatibility

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Compatibility also plays an important factor while choosing a piano VST plugin. It entirely depends on your computer software. You have to look for plugins that work on both Mac OS and Windows PC. Otherwise, you will be stuck with a specific piano VST plugin. For instance, if you have bought a piano VST plugin that is only compatible with Mac OS then, no matter what operating system you are working with, it is not going to work on your computer.

4. Price


It is the most important factor while considering buying a piano VST plugin. There are various piano VST plugins available for free in the market. However, if you need to produce professional sounds, then you have to pay a certain amount for piano VST plugins as professional ones usually are not available for free. It totally depends on your need as well as budget.

So, you need to consider these four points in mind before heading on to buy a piano VST plugin for your software piano. All these points are going to help you in buying a perfect piano VST plugin for yourself based on your requirements. However, you can go with free ones available in the market if you do not need it for professional use. In case, you are looking for professional plugins, then you have to look for what is best available in the market as per your necessities.