Get Best discount on Avis Car Rental


If you are looking for a company that embraces your trust and imitates its service, your search has ended with Avis Car Rental. It keeps up the customers’ trust and fosters you with enormous discounts and offers to meet the affordability and needs of the clients. Bygone is when you must compromise on performance to fit your budget, as Avis Car rental offers the best discounts.

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Save up to 40% using Pay Now Rates.

Pay Now offers up to a 30% base rate, Avis’s lowest car rental rates applicable to your car rental times and mileage charges. Select the Pay Now options to get the best rates and save up to 40%. You can book a car rental with Pay Now, and in case you come across a lower qualifying Avis rate published on some other side, you can tell us so that you can avail of an additional discount of 10% on your rental. To select Pay Now or prepay online for your car rental using your credit card, you must present it at the counter.

Shine bright this winter with a 10% discount.

When you rent a car for 28 days or more, you can enjoy a 10% discount base rate by just using AWDA538100 at checkout; this discount applies till March 31, 2019, for you to avail of a long-term car rental from Avis. You can travel to a more peaceful and serene place like steamed blue crabs or chicken barbeques in Washington, DC. With this long-term association with Avis, start your drive from San Diego, or you can discover places like San Francisco and the culture of Hawaii, or drive to Florida’s Marine Sanctuaries and Coral Reefs, and much more.

Small size Business Programs

Avis comes with unique and proficiently built programs regarding business programs exclusively for small corporations. As a member, you will benefit from the Reward Days, discounts, and much more lucrative deals you and your employees will get each time you rent a car using Avis. This program is so profitable that as much rental your company completes, many discounts and rewards your company will get, so this time, you should keep driving with Avis.

 You will get one reward day just after your first rental is completed. You can double the rewards for the first 90 days as a member. If that’s not enough, you can avail yourself of double rewards for the first 90 days as a member, so take maximum advantage of this program. There are other enormous benefits that you can regularly get, like 30% off as your base rate.

Best Used Car Sales- Avis

Looking for the right car is a situation of a lot of speculation, bafflement, and research work to fulfill your family’s requirements, but at the same time, it should meet your budget. So, if you are searching for a car that should have cutting-edge technology and excellent performance features, you worry about the cost. Avis offers a large selection of the newest models of used rental cars for sale that will meet all your needs no matter how much you demand.

If you desire to save money and still enjoy a vibrant ride, you will surely love Avis’s vast selection of economy cars. Avis offers two companies cars, i.e., Honda and Toyota, known for their quality performance and affordability, making them the most preferred brands. You will be assured of a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty, fostering your confidence to drive and enabling you to enjoy a dynamic ride.

AARP Members Benefits

AARP members have a reason to smile now as they can save up to 30% off, which is the Avis base rate when making a reservation using Avis Worldwide Discount number A359807. You can complete your reservation and get an instant online email confirmation of your travel plans. You can get the best discounts and deals online by looking for Avis coupon codes. All the AARP members can enjoy the benefits of saving, superior service, and other exclusive advantages like a free upgrade, Garmin GPS only for $6.99/day, and limitless mileage on most rentals.

Forde-150 Pick-up truck rental

Now, with Avis, you can reserve a full-size and pick-up, including a Ford F-150 Super Cab. Depending upon the location and availability, the vehicle make and model are based upon. Similar makes and models comprise Dodge RAM 1500, Nissan Frontier, Nissan Titan, Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F250, Toyota Tacoma, Honda Ridgeline, and Toyota Tundra.

SUVs starting from $ 39

Now, you can rent any intermediate SUV through 12/15/18 at reduced rates, which are hard to miss. You can rent any standard elite SUV, standard SUV, or Intermediate SUV by just using the code AWDA631800 and coupon #MUWA317 to take the maximum advantage of intermediate SUV rates. The weekly rates require a five consecutive day minimum rental and a 14-day leading rental, and the booking must be made at least 24 hours before pick-up.

SUV rates will be as low as $39/weekend day, $ 259/week, and $ 999/month; Standard SUV rates will be as low as $44/weekend day, $289/week, and $1099/month, or standard elite rates as low as $49/weekend day, $318/week and $1,199/month. This offer applies to weekly and weekend rates, but this offer is subject to availability, which implies that this offer may not be available at some rates at some times.


Avis Car Rental provides individualistic service to deliver results to all individuals with a perfect blend of professionalism, high standards, and trust. Avis Car Rental enables it to meet its custom customers’ expectations and gives them discounts to provide maximum gratification. You are opening the door to savings by availing of any of the best deals or offers.