Future of 5G and Its Benefits over 4G Technology


In the last two decades, the mobile era has transformed, and so has cellular network technology. Right from 1G, which made it possible to transfer calls to the current 4G generation, which made download speeds ten times faster than their predecessor. The advent of 4G in the 2000s improved the experience for everyone in all ways. However, lately, all the talks of 5G have made 4G a passé. According to the experts, 5G will not be another generation in cellular technology. Along with better connectivity, it promises to impact various other establishments like smart cities, self-driving cars, industrial automation, home automation, etc. Now that we all are very well known to a 4G network let us see what 5G brings.

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Benefits of 5G over 4G

5G will impact Machine to Machine communications –

It is expected that 5G will impact the M2M and IoT ecosystem with low battery consumption. Also, it will have the ability to connect multiple devices without hampering the performance, which is something 4G fails to do. 4G has limited latency and is less reliable when it comes to the IoT environment. But 5G overcomes all these limitations by improvising the current capabilities of the 4G network.

Enhanced Mobile Broadband –

When compared to previous generations, 4G has made a lot of difference in our lives. With 4G, we can watch online HD videos without interruptions, which was impossible with 3G. But with the availability of 5G, you will be able to stream even 4K videos. With every next generation, there is an improvement in network speed. The average global 4G speed is 16.9 MBPS, whereas 5G will be between 10-20 GBPS. A lot of improvement can be seen in wireless communication with this kind of speed.

Low Latency –

Except for better speed and connectivity, the low latency of the 5G network is something that distinguishes it from the existing 4G network. The low latency means a minimal delay in response time. Latency in existing networks and previous generations held back many technical advances like self-driving cars, IoT ecosystems, etc. But in the future, 5G with low latency will surely impact all these technologies.

Future of 5G

Many telecom companies have already started the 5G deployment and are currently working on field triage. The commercial launch of 5G probably be seen in 2020; however, it will be around 2025 when 5G is deployed everywhere.

The arrival of 4G improved wireless communications to a greater extent. Though 5G has many benefits over 4G, we can’t deny that 4G did change our lives in many ways. Also, the availability of 4G is limited in some areas. So the telecom operators start focusing on improving on 4G speeds or decide to jump directly into 5G is something that remains to be seen.

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