Creative Tips for Designing Your Own Customized Hoodies

by Adrian J. Elliott | Thursday, Aug 13, 2020 | 987 views

Hoodies have become a versatile piece of clothing amongst the youth, even becoming a staple garment in the everyday closets of many of them. If you are someone with a penchant of wearing hoodies regularly too, chances are that you are always up for experimenting and buying different types of hoodies.

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With the advent of customized hoodies, you now have the opportunity to explore a whole new world where your hoodies would be rightfully reflecting your personality and creativity.

Listed below are some tips that will help you to design your own customized hoodie.

Use Customized Hand-Drawn Art
Perhaps the most creative and unique spin you could give to your hoodie is to incorporate your own hand-drawn designs in it. This truly makes it your own and helps you to establish your own voice through an illustration that is representative of your own thoughts. The best part about using your own designs and pictures is that you can include them in any part of the hoodie, whether it be in the front, the back, or even in quirkier places, like the sleeves, for instance. You could even use your designs all over the hoodie and use it as a blank canvas to express your creativity to the fullest extent. Matching your hoodie to your own personal aesthetic is indubitably the biggest advantage of customizing your own hoodie. In doing so, you would cherish this article of clothing even more, thereby wearing it more frequently and getting the best deal out of the purchase.
Apart from expressing your creative side, you could also venture into selling your customized hoodies to a customer base and start a small business in the comfort of your own home.

Select The Best Colors
The most crucial aspect you have to take into account while making customized hoodies is that the colors and intricacies of the design actually translate well enough into the fabric of the final product. It must be visible and almost the same as the initial drawing. Therefore, it is imperative that you choose a reliable and experienced company that is competent to produce quality prints on hoodies. In doing so, you would have the guarantee of the final product to be exactly as what you had expected it to be.

Design Dimensions
Apart from the fabric and the visibility of the designs on your hoodie, you would also have to make sure that the design transfers well onto the garment in terms of size. Make your designs clear and precise enough so that they can be projected and printed on the hoodie with the best clarity. Too much of detail could potentially mar the entire look of the hoodie, while a design that is too simple might look a little flat. Play around with patterns, shapes, and colors to arrive at a design that harmonizes all these elements well. Additionally, make sure that the design is not too big or too small on the final product. The dimensions would have to be determined ahead of the printing.

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