7 Simple Lighting Design Tips for Amazing Rooms



If one thing completely changes the look of a boring room, then it has to be the lighting. You can have the most lifeless and dullest room in the world, but with a few clever lighting tweaks, you can bring it back to life. But lighting is not just about fitting some lights and lighting fixtures in the room. It is much more than that.

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So to help you make the most out of your room’s interior design, we have come up with some easy lighting online lighting shops. They are available in many shapes and sizes, so you try different designs to fit your room type.

Hide Whenever Possible

The key to that glowy and dreamy look is hiding the light source. Reflected lighting is better for design. Use covers, diffusers, or coves to hide the light source and make it softer.

Plan with a Filled Room

You will fill the room with the furniture and other parts, so never plan your lighting in an empty room. Lighting should come at last when everything is in place.

Take Control

If you don’t want to stare at the lights all day and night, use lights with dimming controls. There are smart lights out there that can be controlled with your smartphone, allowing you to customize the lighting to your needs. You can also create multiple zones so you can control many light elements with a single touch.

Make it Cohesive

One last note, make sure that all the fixtures, lights, and design elements come out as cohesive. They should complement each other and should not clash. A modern minimalist light fixture should not be placed with Victorian-style furniture. Simple as that.