Why You Should Hire a Pro to Finish Your Basement

by Adrian J. Elliott | Thursday, Jul 23, 2020 | 957 views

Aren’t we all looking to save that extra penny? Especially when it comes to home improvements, believe it or not, we’ve all said we can manage on our own watching the DIY techniques YouTube has to offer. However, sometimes saving money on home improvement, specifically when finishing or remodeling your basement, is not going to be your best bet. You may have to put in more money than you’ve saved to repair what’s gone wrong soon enough.

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Internet has hacks for everything and it makes them look wonderfully simple too. But saying that we can manage the painting, and the tiles, and the walls on our own and actually doing it are different things. You will obviously not miss on your office to get this done, and if you plan to get things done on weekends, you might even take a year or two or even more. Moreover, are you sure you get that tile right? If not, why ponder so much about whether or not to hire a contractor. When it is your basement in question, it is in your best interest to leave it for the professionals to handle.

Potential Pitfalls of DIY basement finishing

It is not just all aesthetics. Homeowners are likely to make some serious blunders when they try to get things done on their own with their basements. The most serious of these troubles is not being aware of local regulations and laws and thus not seeking permits before carrying out the remodeling.

Since there is no set rule for these permissions and these codes vary by municipality, Internet too would not be much of a guide there. In fact, do you know that when working in a basement you need to make sure that any lumber touching the floor has to be treated to prevent decay? Also, instead of framing directly against the wall, you need to create a vapor barrier to avoid mold issues.

If you do not want to cause major structural damage to the house, it is imperative that you build floating walls that allow, without harm, the concrete floor to heave.

You also need to give much attention to proper ventilation as well as foil-backed insulation or in the event of fire; your whole building may burn down.

So simply hiring plumbers and electricians while you are the contractor isn’t going to be your best bet. You can save money on a lot more things but not this, especially when it is at the cost of your safety.

Protect your investment

Hiring a basement remodeler or contractor will help you be sure that your safety is of paramount importance and the job will be done to the code. Moreover, you wouldn’t have to wait for years for your basement to be ready, just a couple of months maybe.

The cost factor too wouldn’t be deterring for all the time you save and the amount of safety you get. Moreover, with reputed contractors like Topmark Basements, you can be sure of quality, value, and time of completion.

Remodeling you basement is an investment, and we at Topmark Basements ensure that you reap the best returns.


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