What to Pack for Spring Break According to Fashion Blogger Kellie Brown


My call is Kellie, and I’m a blogger and YouTuber. I love the style — all things fashion, indeed. I need this column to be more than merely buying ideas. I must proportion the exceptional contexts wherein we wear garments, dress, and live our high-quality lives. Waiting to be thinner or extra “precious” doesn’t cut it. No, be counted our size; we deserve each correct aspect — to put on beautiful clothes, tour, and radiate self-love each day.

What to Pack for Spring Break According to Fashion Blogger Kellie Brown 1
I currently moved from New York City to Los Angeles. I’d been in New York my entire adult existence, arriving simply after college. Bright-eyed and geared up to jump into the magic this is the City, I might go directly to spend more than a decade thriving in the hustle and bustle. Leaving New York has been bittersweet because there are so many people I love there, but I’m so geared up for this new bankruptcy! One of the matters I’m most looking forward to this summer is taking loads of trips to discover the West Coast further. After the most effective per week in L.A., I determined to take my first avenue ride. I headed to Palm Springs with 12 pals to have a good time on the birthday of one of my desirable pals, British blogger Callie Thorpe.

Our friend organization had been excited about this journey for months. We’ve regarded each other for years through running a blog and Instagram. Still, we hadn’t all been together since that remaining summer when we celebrated the 10-12 months anniversary of Gabi Gregg’s fashion weblog, GabiFresh, in Miami. So, off we went on our first experience to Palm Springs together. Last year’s ride became 13 fat babes in bikinis in a Miami mansion (Gabi deliberated one heck of an adventure). We did brunch and dinners and had a pool party and an afternoon on a mind-blowing yacht. Since then, we’ve all stayed in close touch and are reputedly creating a subculture of assembly up for wonderful trips to enjoy the unique moments in our lives.