Update On Joni Mitchell Health Issues: Brain Aneurysm in 2015


Joni Mitchell Health

Legendary folk songwriter/singer and idol of the late 1960s, Joni Mitchell is now 73 years old and she does not get out in public much anymore. People believe that because of Joni Mitchell’s health problems, she does not appear in public often. In recent years, Joni has been troubled by an incurable disease and other health issues, including post-polio health problems, stroke, Brain Aneurysm, and Morgellons disease, a controversial, rare, and bizarre condition.

In a recent biography named “Reckless Daughter: A Portrait of Joni Mitchell,” written by David Yaffe, Joni reveals that often she can’t wear clothing since she feels like her medical body were being “eaten alive.” the Morgellons disease with severe symptoms has left this singer largely imprisoned to her house.

Not only has Morgellons disease (an unpredictable, slow killer or a terrorist disease), but she has also suffered from other diseases like Brain Aneurysms. So, let’s now learn in detail about Joni Mitchell health issues and the latest updates on her health.

Joni Mitchell And Her Health Problems Over The Years

Joni Mitchell publicly opened up regarding her health problems in a rare speech at the Kennedy Center Honours in 2021, including about her being a polio survivor, being a brain aneurysm patient in 2015, and also her suffering with Morgellons.

While she was being disabled after her health issues over the years, it was now reported that Joni was making “sound progress.” So, let’s now learn in detail about her health issues below.

Joni Mitchell Suffered From Polio Spasm

In 2021, at the Kennedy Center Honours, Mitchell opened up about dealing with polio at the age of nine. Referring to her health condition, Mitchell mentioned the following:

“I always think that polio was a rehearsal for the rest of my life… I’ve had to come back several times from things. And this last one was a real whopper. But, you know, I’m hobbling along but I’m doing all right!”

As per Billboard in a book named “Joni Mitchell: In Her Own Words”, Mitchell explained her health condition, saying how Joni felt all the years throughout the treatment. There Mitchell wrote the following:

“I could not wear clothing. I could not leave my house for several years. Sometimes it got so (bad) I’ would have to crawl across the floor. My legs would cramp up, just like a polio spasm. It hit all of the places where I had polio.”

Joni’s Brain Aneurysm in 2015 Made Her Disabled

Mitchell told that her brain aneurysm forced her to learn to talk and walk all over again. In 2021, Joni addressed her health problems while accepting a lifetime achievement honor at the Kennedy Center Honors. Mitchell said that doctors diagnosed her with a brain aneurysm in 2015 after people saw her being senseless in her home. Her team told Mitchell had regained her consciousness in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

Through a statement on Mitchell’s official website on June 2015, Mitchell’s team denied reports declaring Mitchell had lost her ability to speak. The statement read

“The truth is that Jani is speaking, and she’s speaking well”

Her team refuted an allegation that ‘Mitchell wasn’t speaking yet’ made by David Crosby (who is known to be Mitchell’s former lover).

Joni’s team expressed the belief that the singer/songwriter would make a complete recovery soon. Joni recovered for several years in private before giving an interview in Oct 2020 to The Guardian.

Mitchell stated she had not written a song in a while, because the recovery took up most of the time of her life. She said that even polio did not grab her as the brain aneurysm did. A brain aneurysm had taken away her ability to speak and walk. And she had to struggle a lot to relearn speaking and walking after she suffered from a brain aneurysm.

However, the good news is that she has relearnt speaking completely while she is still struggling to walk properly. She is showing slow improvement with her walking but moving forward with good progress.

Joni Mitchell’s Morgellons a Killer A Terrorist Disease

Update On Joni Mitchell Health Issues: Brain Aneurysm in 2015 1

Aside from her brain aneurysm disease, Mitchell was even diagnosed with Morgellons Disease. This disease was self-diagnosed by Mitchell herself. So, it is a “controversial” condition as it’s yet to be completely comprehended in the medical field.

In this condition, she discovered fibers in different colors that came out of her skin looked like mushrooms: they can’t be forensically recognized as animal, mineral, or vegetable. Mitchell also said in 2010 that Morgellons is an unpredictable slow killer that will blow up any organ, leaving the patient in bed for a year.

After suffering those problems, Mitchell soon showed herself stronger than ever. And her first concert was held in 23 years at Washington’s Gorge Amphitheatre.

Latest Updates From Joni Mitchell’s Sudden Live Performance

Joni Mitchell suddenly surprised the crowd over the weekend at Newport Folk Festival when she appeared on stage to join Brandi Carlile for two songs.

Joni Mitchell, who had not performed live performances since 2013, made this surprise appearance on July 24, 2022.

The evening likewise witnessed performers such as Marcus Mumford, Brandi Carlile, Blake Mills, Wynonna Judd, Lucius, and also Taylor Goldsmith.

Moreover, Mitchell even served an electric guitar solo while singing her song “Just Like This Train”.

Joni Mitchell also shared a few stories of her numerous musical adventures at the event with the audience. As per the attendees there, the singer seemed comfortable and relaxed.

FINAL WORDS: Mitchell Is Now Doing Much Better Than Before

Despite Joni Mitchell’s health problems, she’s now bouncing back. Mitchell has confirmed that her health issues will never prevent her from doing the things she loves the most in her life. So, we can say that no matter what disease attacks her, she will fight that back as always!