Top 7 Off-beat Places of French Riviera to Get Mesmerized


The southern part of France is really amazing. The Mediterranean coastline and French Riviera have made this part a great tourist destination for the rich and celebrities. The towns are beautiful that you can imagine. What you need to do is to book luxury homes in French Riviera and arrange a vivacious vacation. Now, when you are on vacation, many of you prefer to visit the land’s unsung places. The popular places are indeed so crowded that you hardly get any time to spend with yourself or with your partner. Therefore, honeymoon couples or tourists who want a break from the monotonous crowd and loud entities, these places in French Riviera will really woo you completely. Read on to know more about such places.

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Have you visited Monte Carlo, Cannes, and Saint Tropez? Do you want to visit the real French Riviera? Then, you need to take a 30-minute drive from Marseille, and you will reach Cassis. You can take a flight from Marseille or Nice to get there. If you drive from Cassis to La Ciotat, you can get the most amazing view of Route des Cretes’ route. Park your car at Klippen von Cassis and get the breathtaking view from the high cliffs. If you love adventure, you can also go hiking in the afternoon.


Being a coastal country, the coastline villages in French Riviera are unique to the country’s entire part. Bandol is surrounded by rocky hills where you can also take boat rides in the water bodies. This village has always been a favorite for German writers, like Brecht. Surprisingly, Hitler turned this village into the ‘secret capital of German literature.


Once you are in this beautiful village on the Beaten Path of the French Riviera, you will fall in love with it. The colorful houses will remind you of the colorful icing on the cake. Those are so bright and soothing to eyes that you can’t forget them ever. If you are not tired of colors, check out the color of the water. The ink blue water seems like the color pallet of great artists. Menton is located on Italy’s border, and you can reach there within 30 minutes from Nice. For a great day trip from Nice or Monte Carlo, visiting Menton will be a great plan.

4.Ile des Embiez

This is a private island bought by Paul Ricard. He is popular as the ‘pastis man.’ He bought it and developed the island by establishing luxurious hotels. As the place already has a Provencal port, development was rapid. Besides that, the little beach, blue water lagoons, scrub, and headlands have made the island one of the favorite destinations of the tourists who want to spend a few days in the mid of nature with all the urban facilities. The best beach in this place is Plage des Allemands. Being on a private beach, you can enjoy your private life here more comfortably.

5.Sainte Maxime

Once you are in this small town of the French Riviera, you will surely get mesmerized by the town’s breathtaking view. First, you should not miss the outstanding beach which is not at all crowded. The serenity of the beach will woo you instantly. Besides, the clean and charming streets, amazing bakeries, roadside food joints, etc., will give you enough reason to spend some alone time here. If these are not enough, you can stay here for the luxurious restaurants and the attractive ice cream shops. Whether you are with family or your partner only, spending an entire week here is a really awesome idea. From Saint Tropez, it will take only 30 minutes to reach Sainte Maxime.


Spending a few days of summer in Toulon is an amazing idea for the tourist in French Riviera to make their trip unique. This town is famous for its beaches which can give tough competition to lots of popular and renowned beaches worldwide. Besides this, Toulon is also a food destination for tourists. You will find lots of bistros and other lavish restaurants which will welcome you with warmth and offer the best French cuisine with a Mediterranean touch.

7.Camargue Natural Park

Not only love makes the world pink, but salt crystals can also do the same! Yes, this amazing pink salt beach can only be seen in French Riviera. Actually, the rocks around the beach are covered with millions of salt crystals which are the main reason for making the water and the beach pink. Whether you visit Piemanson Beach or the Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, the pink salt flats will amaze you. The world-famous Fleur De Sel De Camargue Sea Salt is derived from here. If you are lucky, you can get the opportunity to visit Camargue horses and flamingoes here.

Here are few off-beat places of French Riviera which are a hundred times better than the crowded and over-populated places but still have the raw essence to attract visitors every year. Apart from these, you can also visit Nice, Ile de Porquerolles, La Londe des Maures and lots of other unsung places. To experience something different and make your tour unforgettable, you can include these places on your list while visiting French Riviera. So, for the next vacation, make the French Riviera your final destination and have a great time there.