Tips to Design Commercial Landscaping


As you know, most people think that secret to a successful business is an efficient working environment, large financial back-ups and the marketing strategies, which is true. Still, you cannot ignore that sometimes smaller factors play the biggest parts as well. One of them is designing commercial landscaping.

Many businesses overlook this factor since it has nothing to do with the business processes, yet, a well-designed and organized commercial landscaping can leave an impression on people and play a part in attracting qualified clients. For instance, if a client is given a choice of choosing a business firm, will he choose the one with beautiful landscaping or without one? The answer is obvious.

Besides, what makes good landscaping? It comes with various factors such as a well-planned layout, garden designs, right materials and innovative ideas. You must hire a landscaping planning experts to help you implement the plan.

Overall, the whole idea of designing landscaping is to make your business more presentable, professional and welcoming. Here are some ideas that will increase your chances of attracting customers with the landscape-

1) Create a Landscaping Layout-

Before you implement the design, you have in mind, it is better to create a blueprint with the help of a landscape planner that will help him comprehend your ideas better. Landscaping blueprints will give the rough idea of the things, designs and materials that could be assimilated in the place for creating the efficient working environment.

2) Match the landscaping design with the surrounding architecture-

You can choose the landscaping design of whichever style you want but to create a professional and a welcoming feel, you must blend the style with the architectural surroundings of your buildings to give it a business perspective. For instance, if the pathway leading to the building is constructed of natural stone or small precast blocks, then you must install small precast blocks for building walls that will zone out areas in the landscaping. If you would choose different material, it won’t blend well with other structures creating an unprofessional environment.

3) Create clear walkways and pathways-

Walkways and pathways are the most prominent part of the commercial building, so make sure they are constructed clean and clear to direct the traffic towards the specific parts of the building. Apart from making them clean, incorporate decorative seasonal flowers with landscape lighting on both the sides of the pathways. Lights will brighten the path during the dusk hour while flowers will spruce up the area giving it a creative touch.

4) Maintain the plants-

A garden full of rotten leaves, branches of trees hitting the building and dead plants look unappealing and unwelcoming. Therefore, the unwanted branches must be cut and shrubs must be trimmed to maintain the look of the garden. They must be watered and checked every day to prevent them from getting rotten or fall prey to plant diseases. To protect them from damage, soil fertility must be reviewed and only seasonal plants must be put in the garden.