Tips for Summer Day Camp Kids


It’s summer and we are all geared up for the summer camp. Summer camp is a place where your kids learn life hacks and it helps bringing out the best in them.

For all the nervous parents and kids, here are a few tips that would help you overcome your fear and enjoy the camp to the most.

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  1. Be Brave

The first and foremost tip would be to be brave. This is applicable to both parents and their kids. Most parents are afraid to send their kids to a summer camp for the first time. Being brave would enable the kids to enjoy the camp fully and make the most of it. They would be able to learn as much as possible only if they are strong and open to all the aspects of the camp.

  1. Take help from your counsellor

In the beginning most students are a little shy and feel out of place, but you must ask them to talk to their counsellor. Counsellors are experienced professional who always accompany kids to such camps and help them develop skills. Kids must be made aware that the counsellors are there to help and they must go to them (counsellor) in case of any confusion.

Parents also feel a little less stressed knowing that their kids are in safe hands.

  1. Socialise

Summer camps are all about making friends and enjoying. Social interaction doesn’t come naturally all. Hence, kids must try to make many friends and learn to live in a group. Having a group of friends make camps comfortable and easy. It increases their confidence and they tend to take part in all activities as a group, which they might not had they been alone.

  1. Prepare ahead

Make sure you and your kids know that, what all activities are going to take place in the summer camp. Make sure they carry all the required items, including clothing, footwear, etc. and are mentally prepared for it. This would help them ease into the camp and enjoy the experience. Discussion the itinerary/agenda of each day and try to address all the queries they have regarding the different activities. Make them understand that a first few days might be a little different but as time goes by, they would start liking it. Get them excited about all the new activities and experiences they would enjoy.

  1. Pack carefully

After knowing the whole agenda of the summer camp, the next important step is to pack all the necessary items properly. Starting from a compass to water bottles, appropriate clothes and shoes, a few essential medicines to sun screen, all must be packed. For outdoor camps, weather sometimes can be unpredictable, it is therefore sensible to pack a hat/cap and umbrella. Parents make sure to send some yummy snacks and juices, to keep your kids active and hydrated.

  1. Enjoy to the fullest

The last but surely not the least, have fun to the maximum. The camp is designed in such a way that the kids have a good time. Teachers and counsellors make sure that all safety measures are taken, while the kids enjoy. It is easier to have fun, if the kids come prepared for it. Ask your kids to participate in all activities and enjoy and not get disappointed if they don’t win. The primary purpose of such summer camps is to have fun.