Time to Hire a Wildlife Control Expert? Signs to Look for


It is not uncommon and unknown that animals like skunks, squirrels, etc., are found in your home. Most of them are found either in your attic or in your garden. Each gives you ample signs to show their presence at your place. Here are a few commonly encountered animals and characters you must not miss to detect.

Time to Hire a Wildlife Control Expert? Signs to Look for 1


  1. Little holes throughout your yard

Skunks eat many insects and bugs, their favorite being the Japanese beetle larvae in the soil. They also like to eat slugs, grubs, snails, and many others that harm your lawn. So, in a way, they are doing you a favor by keeping these bugs at bay. When you pass by them unknowingly and scare them into spraying, it’s hard to be appreciative.

  1. The persistent smell in your yard

A peculiar smell might indicate the existence of a skunk in your yard. Skunk spray is an oil that sits on your lawn for a long time. You might have to remove the skunks to get rid of that smell.

It is not recommended that you handle this task yourself. You might want to call wildlife control experts to remove them thoroughly.

Squirrels and Racoons

  1. Both squirrels and raccoons cause various noises in the house, like scurrying, thumps, and bumps. The only difference is that raccoons are active at night while the squirrels are in the day.
  2. Droppings of both squirrels and raccoons are visible and go unnoticed. These droppings have a strange kind of stench to them. The droppings of the raccoon are larger than that of the squirrel.
  3. If you observe large holes or damage to the fascia, it indicates the existence of raccoons in your house, whereas if you keep chewing at the shingles and outer panels with much smaller holes, there might be squirrels in your home.
  4. You might have a guest squirrel if you hear loud scratching or scuttling in the walls. They are small enough to fall in between the walls of your attic.
  5. While squirrels will be more interested in destroying outdoor furniture, raccoons will likely tackle covered trashcans.
  6. Footprints of both these creatures would be easily visible. The ones left by the raccoon would be larger and deeply imprinted (due to the pressure exerted by them in their heels), whereas the footprints of the squirrels would consist of distinct nail marks (as they are light-footed).


  1. While you’re up there, check for bat guano. Although it looks like other rodents’ feces, it doesn’t smell like it. If the culprit is a bat, you’ll get hit with an ammonia-like smell.
  2. You can also gauge the presence of bats at your home if you sit outside your house around dusk and spot any bats that appear near your roof. This is quite the indication that they have decided to room with you.

There could be many more indications and signs that might help you detect these guests at your home. It would help if you never tried to remedy the situation and must call for wildlife control experts.