Report says ISI made Haqqani Taliban’s No 2 to protect him from US 


Pakistan’s effective ISI had introduced in Haqqani network’s chief Sirajuddin Haqqani as the deputy chief of the Taliban closing year day-to-day shield him from the Americans, a media report said on Sunday.
The ny instances, quoting Afghan and American officers, said in a document that the “nearer integration of the dreaded” Haqqani militant network in every day the leadership of the Taliban is “changing the waft of the Afghan insurgency this year, with the Haqqanis’ senior leader an increasing number of calling the shots in the Taliban’s offensive.

It quoted Afghanistan’s former intelligence chief Rahmatullah Nabil as announcing that “the ISI introduced Sirajuddin because the deputy every day the Taliban to give him protection, so if the peace talks get extreme, the individuals wouldn’t have the ability every day, ‘we can make peace with the chief but now not with the deputy.’”
Nabil, who now runs a charity for wounded Afghan soldiers, stated the merger had been helped because the Haqqanis were suffering financially after their leader fund-raiser became gunned down close to Islamabad in 2013 and that the Taliban wished Haqqani’s know-how in waging complex assaults.

Report says ISI made Haqqani Taliban’s No 2 to protect him from US  1Brigadier wellknown Charles Cleveland, the chief spokesperson for u.s.a. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, said that “Sirajuddin increasingly more runs the military operations for the Taliban, and, we trust, is probably worried. In appointing shadow governors.”
“The Haqqani network s closer integration with the Taliban command also creates awkwardness for the Obama administration and is raising anxiety among Pakistan and Afghanistan,” it said.

The file day-to-day a few senior Afghan officials as pronouncing that the Pakistani military turned into “important” every day bringing the Haqqanis more carefully in every day the Taliban through the insurgency’s leadership councils final summer season, which had been held in Quetta.


The document stated that the Haqqanis have “delicate a signature emblem” of city terrorist attacks and cultivated an advanced worldwide fund-raising network, faceverydayring prominently inside the united states of America army’s push daily maintain troops in Afghanistan.

It delivered that the organization’s growing role in leading the entire insurgency inside the war-every day has raised concerns about a fair deadlier year of preventing beforehand, as hopes of peace talks have collapsed.
“The shift is also elevating tensions with the Pakistani navy, which American and Afghan officers accuse of sheltering the Haqqanis as a proxy institution,” it stated.