Few Tips to get rid of molds



Molds are microscopic organisms found anywhere in the moist environment. ; Molds can easily grow on damp clothes, carpets, furniture, bathrooms, etc. this fungus is quite dangerous to crops, respiratory systems, and the structure of your house. They can be very dangerous and toxic for your health; therefore, it is very important to remove them from your home as soon as possible.

The most common mold found in homes is mildew. It can be found in damp places. It begins as a gray or white powdered colony, and slowly it will turn to brown or black if not removed promptly.

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If you detect musty order in your house, then there is a high concentration of mold accumulated in your house. You should always check for any leakage, and once you find the problem, you should never ignore it. Here are a few tips for the prevention and removal of molds that are described below –

Use products that kill molds

You can use sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, distilled with vinegar, baking soda, and borax as these substances help destroy mold and remove any kind of discoloration. These help in removing large mold colonies. While using these substances, always uses personal protective equipment, open nearby windows and get some air moving which will help disperse any fumes or vapor from these solutions.

Check for leakage

Always check for leakage at your home as mold develops in moisture. If you see mold near waste lines, pipes fix them immediately. Always clean the affected area and its surroundings where you find the mold. Don’t just wipe the mold away as it can rise. There again always use some chemical substance for their removal.

Use antimicrobial spray

Once you have cleared the surface where you have detected the mold and the area has been dried up, always use Antimicrobial spray. These antimicrobial spray mold growth and are easily available at home centers. You can even use fogging machines for this purpose.

Use mold-resistant material

If you are building or rebuilding an area where moisture has been a problem, you can use a material that is not affected by water. You can also construct walls with pressure-treated woods and cover them with paperless drywall. This will not allow molds to feed on. The use of paint with mildewcide also helps to treat molds.

Look for an outside leak.

Always look for leaks on the wall or roof if mold is growing outside your house. Regularly inspect the vents, deck, window, or the woods if they are rotting. If you track out the mold, then remove the wall and even the next wall as well. Properly install flashing whenever you are fixing the leaks.

Some other measures which can help are-

  • Don’t let the wet item linger on the floor or in the laundry basket as mold can find their new home.
  • Vacuum and clean your house regularly.
  • Allow natural air to flow into your house. Keep your house ventilated.
  • Paint the areas which are more prone to mold attack. You can paint them with some special biocide which will prevent your house from molds.