Android at work: 38 business-ready apps that help you get stuff done on the run


“Android” and “organization” are phrases that traditionally haven’t long gone together. however with Google beewirelessng up its Android for paintings initiative—and on the brink of release extra company-friendly functions with the upcoming Android “N” release—the perception of groups considering Android for personnel not appears a ways-fetched.

The truth is Android has been shifting in a greater commercial enterprise-geared up course for some time. While stories of malware can also still spook a few gadget administrators, the sensible threats associated with those scares are nearly constantly nonexistent—and Google has more and more wised up approximately presenting multiple layers and paths of safety.

Working system aside, of course, there’s also the environment to study—the question of whether or not builders have created wi-ficient wireless exceptional tools to make an Android tool wi-fi as a properly-rounded mobile productivity system. The solution will manifestly vary from one enterprise to the following, depending on particular wishes, but you may get a widespread idea of the platform’s corporate viability through looking through some of its corporation-centered app alternatives Do Savora.

Permit’s dive into it, lets? Recall the conveniently available apps from those core categories and whether or not they’d make a sufwi wireless starter % for your agency’s cellular tech necessities:

E-mail and calendar
This one’s smooth, proper? In case your business uses exchange, Microsoft’s personal Outlook Android patron is the maximum consistent manner to live linked. It presents a familiar interface for on-the-go get right of entry to the electronic mail, calendar, and even wi-fileswireless from OneDrive or other cloud garage vendors. It integrates with phrase, Excel, and PowerPoint. And it’ll work on truely wireless any Android device (see you later than it’s going for walks 2011’s Android launch or better—which any moderately contemporary tool is).

Google’s very own Gmail and Calendar apps are the usual on Android, in the meantime—and in case you use Google’s cloud offerings or even external POP or IMAP connections, they’re where you’ll need to begin. Google at long remaining carried out normal exchange compatibility into Gmail in overdue April, so its apps also are now possible Outlook alternatives for exchange-reliant businesses.

The wireless suite
you can’t have a piece-prepared cellular tool without a wi-fi wireless suite, and in recent times, Android has strong alternatives to pick out from. Microsoft itself can be embarrassingly late to the celebration, however its fully featured phrase, Excel, and PowerPoint apps for Android in the end arrived for all devices closing wireless summer time and are quite exact, speciwiwireless for companies invested in Microsoft’s platform.

Scoring even better on InfoWorld’s cutting-edge wireless suite shootout is the third-celebration Ofwi-ficeSuite app, with the aid of MobiSystems. Due to its incredible UI and sizable wireless characteristic set, it’s a top desire for all of us who isn’t already part of a paid wi-fice 365 subscription. (The simplest drawback is the app’s labyrinthian pricing model, that is absurdly convoluted and nearly guaranteed to give you a migraine.)

Remaining however not least, in case your mobile productiveness needs are pretty simple and your business is dedicated to Google’s cloud, the employer’s doctors, Sheets, and Slides apps can be exact enough to get the task performed wireless. The apps’ automatic cross-device synchronization and actual-time multiuser collaboration are compelling perks, but don’t anticipate to have a complete laptop-like set of wireless suite capabilities at your disposal.

Fundamental note-taking
For less intensive observe-taking, Microsoft’s OneNote app integrates seamlessly with the business enterprise’s workplace wireless 365 OneDrive for business device. It offers a laundry listing of capabilities, which includes the capability to create multiple notebooks, capture handwritten notes, and look for textual content captured in images.

Evernote is a famous 0.33-birthday celebration opportunity with a comparable set of tools for not seize and agency, whilst Google hold is a lighter-weight option for cell word and list control (with, as you’d assume, the bonus of tidy integration with the rest of the Google app environment).
Android at work: 38 business-worthy apps
Group and patron conversation
most famous software program for enterprise-stage verbal exchange is to be had on Android via the authentic Google Play shop. Current company darling Slack is there and ready to beam your colleagues’ incessant chit-chat into the palm of your hand, as is crew-speak opportunity HipChat. In case, you’re a Cisco-loving business, the wi-ficompany’s Cisco Spark app is prepared and ready to attend to your corporate communication desires.

For on-the-cross face-to-face meetings, Cisco WebEx, Skype for commercial enterprise, and GoToMeeting are all to be had on Android—as is, of course, Google’s very own Hangouts app, which capabilities unfastened audio and video calling among individuals or companies of users.

Commercial enterprise control
industry-wi-fi business control software program like Salesforce and Workday are gift inside the Google Play store, as are broader mission control tools like Trello and the employer-pleasant Basecamp.

Companies with cavalries of mobile avenue warriors may also want to don’t forget Expensify, which makes it clean as (soon-to-be-expensed) pie to accumulate receipts on the street; all a person has to do is open the app, snap a photo, and sit down again at the same time as the software extracts all of the pertinent information. The app can even export rate records right into a popular layout or one catered speciwi wireless to a software like Excel, Sales force, or Microsoft Dynamics.

Report management
firms relying on the cloud for wireless transfers or storage have plenty of options for Android-toting customers to address records on the cross. Microsoft’s OneDrive, Google force, and Dropbox all provide Android apps for importing, downloading, and manipulating or sharing wi-files wireless from smart phones and other mobile devices.

Android is also unusual—as compared to the extra restrictive iOS—in that it makes it possible for users to without difwi wireless get entry to a device’s full document system, like you can on a laptop. A simple wireless supervisor like cupboard Beta allows you to browse your telephone’s folders, manage domestically stored wireless, and percentage neighborhood records with any to be had app or destination

VPN and far off connection
preserving a comfortable connection is vital for users engaging in enterprise even as on . Cisco’s AnyConnect app offers VPN connectivity for enterprises with Cisco relationships, even as the Opera software program-owned SurfEasy app offers a simple and secure alternative for smaller organizations that won’t have business enterprise-level licenses.

For remotely accessing computer computers from an Android tool, in the meantime, Microsoft far off computer and Citrix’s GoToMyPC are worthwhile wireless choices to don’t forget. Google’s Chrome remote desktop may additionally work for smaller groups with extra basic necessities.

Tool safety
a few strong protection protections are baked into Android itself on the machine degree nowadays, however organizations can also need to inspire customers to take advantage of some extra tools that can enhance the caliber of safety around money owed and gadgets.

A password control app like LastPass lets in human beings to keep particular and right passwords for every website online and carrier they use—securely, and while not having to depend upon their own fallible mind-memory—whilst a two-issue authentication program like Authy (or the less flexible however similarly powerful Google Authenticator) lets you create an important 2d layer of protection for essential accounts.

wi-fi, Google’s Android device manager is a must-have for any user embracing Android—organization or otherwise. The app helps you to remotely discover and ring any gadgets related to your Google account and optionally lock them, reset their PINs, or absolutely wipe and reset them. The carrier can be accessed from any Android tool (even one which isn’t your own, like a colleague’s) as well as from any computing device laptop.

But ensure each device is enrolled in the machine and ready to be positioned earlier than the need arises.