Tips to Maintain Eavestroughs


Many people often consider the eavestrough as the most disregarded exterior of their house and thus neglect it. Eavestrough just like your roof requires constant attention. Once the system fails, it is going to cost you both time and money to repair it, and hence maintenance is important. Here are a few tips for maintaining your eavestrough.

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  1. Keep them clean and clutter free

The primary purpose of an eavestrough is to allow the free flow of water through it. If debris and leaves settle in it, then they would obstruct the water flow. This could cause severe damage to the eavestrough itself (sometimes leading to the explosion of the pipes in the system). Thus, it is essential to clean all the debris in it regularly to avoid such circumstances. You could also install a screen guard on top of your eavestrough which would keep the debris away.

  1. Seal all the joints

This is the most important tip here. To avoid any leakage, you must make sure that all the joints are sealed thoroughly throughout the eavestrough system. You could use a silicone sealant on the inside of the joints to help strengthen the joints. You must also smoothen all the edges of the eavestrough to prevent debris from collecting and blocking the flow of the water.

  1. Repair as and when required

People generally tend to ignore problems that do not impair the functioning of the system. You must not wait till that happens to your eavestrough. You must make amends as soon as you recognize the problem. Your eavestrough can get damaged and develop cracks if used for a long period. Repairing them from time to time will ensure that they function effectively. If there are holes and cracks, then use bead silicon sealing to seal cracks. If your eavestrough spikes have become loose then purchase new ones. Faulty spikes can cause your entire eavestrough system to fall.

  1. Choose the eavestrough’s material wisely

There are several materials available in the market these days. The most commonly used is plastic. Plastic gutters are cheap and easy to install. Aluminum gutter, on the other hand, last longer and can withstand harsh weather conditions as well. It has been observed that the sturdy aluminum gutter although a little expensive is better and requires very frequent repairs.

  1. Pay attention to your downspout

Downspout plays a crucial role in the eavestrough system. If your downspout doesn’t lead to an underground gutter, then you must extend it. You must make sure that your downspout carries the runoff away from the foundation of the house; otherwise the water could weaken the foundation of your house.

Hence maintaining a fully functional eavestrough system is essential. You must make sure that the system stays intact. If you feel that your eavestrough needs attention and you are unable to fix the problems, you must contact a professional at the earliest. These experts would assist and help you remedy the situation. They will also guide on how to avoid further deterioration.