Top 7 Social Video Tips & Takeaways from Social Media Marketing World


That changed into the message of Social Media marketing international in San Diego. From the outlet keynote to Gary Vaynerchuck’s last feedback, video and live video have been on all and sundry’s lips. we are a protracted manner from the times while social media entrepreneurs regarded video and YouTube as a small piece of the content material advertising pie, at #SMMW16 video took its area as king of on-line content material.

stay video streaming, fb video ads, YouTube influencer advertising and marketing, and Snapchat all received sufficient level time from credible resources. a few presenters confirmed massive effects from the usage of video with traditional fb advertising and marketing techniques. It becomes the primary time in my profession that I’ve visible social media notion leaders and video advertising experts percentage the stage harmoniously.

pinnacle Video Takeaways from Social Media advertising and marketing world

those people placed in video as Creators or entrepreneurs have lots to advantage with this new momentum. I’ve indexed below the pinnacle takeaways from the Video music at #SMMW16 and the way they might apply to a video writer or a video marketer. in case, you’re in video whether or not developing a channel or video advertising and marketing, I’d bookmark this text My Amend.

#1 live Video Will Rule 2016

Michael Stelzner is the president of Social Media Examiner who hosts the occasion. In his beginning keynote, The Stelz jumped proper into some very vital numbers:

50% of entrepreneurs plan to use live video
50% need to research more approximately stay video
14% of marketers already the use of stay
For Creators: upload extra stay video into your mix. whether to build community, increase subscribers, or sell product, use your preferred trending platform (hint: Instagram and Vine won’t be your start line). recall YouTube stay, facebook live, and Snapchat.

For marketers: start trying out stay stream motion pictures for your fb timeline and with your YouTube audiences. discover which formats do properly for which industries and create programs to your customers to start shopping. here’s an instance of white board video that we recorded stay.

#2 entrepreneurs must Take be aware of fb Video

everyone is on fb and the relaxation are lying. blended with their extraordinarily sophisticated concentrated on platform, facebook is going to be the number 1 region for brief movies and different codecs (hyperlink to my piece approximately top acting formats). at the same time as I’m now not satisfied vloggers or educational channels (like mine) will do well on fb video, I’m extremely assured in the usage of worksafe motion pictures, weblog trailers, and different shorter shape content material to transform my fb target market over to YouTube.

greater subscribers means more sales capability. right here are some exciting stats:

73% of entrepreneurs are increases their use of video
21% declare it is the maximum important form of content material marketing
58% want to improve their understanding of YouTube
sixty seven% Will boom their facebook marketing in 2016
For Creators: As more brands and companies want to use video on fb, they’ll evidently are looking for out YouTube and other video personalities. if you’re an influencer channel or a video manufacturing specialist, you’ll speedy find yourself getting greater phone calls. put together some pricing (in case you haven’t already) for talking with manufacturers and television producers.

For entrepreneurs: begin networking with bigger channels. Create synergy and collaborations with Creators throughout special structures. Interview them in your blog and create the ones relationships now. find Influencers that you can connect with your consumer base. The video marketer who can creatively convey together corporations and Creators will do phenomenally well.


#3 television manufacturers are looking at on line Video

NBC’s hit show The top-notch Race was in problem. down to handiest 7 million viewers the manufacturers wanted to cancel. Then some thing incredible occurred – the display released it’s next season with video influencers from YouTube and Vine. Tyler Oakley, Burnie Burns, Matt Stefanina, Erin Robinson, Blair Fowler, Brodie Smith, Cole LaBrant, Zach King, and Cam Benson every joined the ranks (in conjunction with a couple others). In overall, they brought a combined target market of 33 million human beings to the desk. The display is doing phenomenally nicely and many proper humans stored their jobs… because of online video.

For Creators: Make your self to be had for sponsorship even at the 10k or 20k subscriber range. Even less if your view counts are high. You must be very confident for your target audience at this factor. this could consist of getting your toes wet with Grapevine or Famebit but must virtually consciousness greater on better level sponsorships immediately with a brand.

For entrepreneurs: start getting to know the language of brands and MCNs so you can higher constitute a video influencer. realize how to speak about CPM and use as a starting point to negotiate an influencer’s worth. via mastering this new language you’ll be higher positioned to work with influencers and companies.

#4 You have to Get to realize Video Analytics

The deep insights furnished by means of the facebook and YouTube video platforms allow you to apprehend your target audience not like ever before. Having an intimate information of who’s looking your video content will better prepare you to supply content attracting more of that target market. this is how you’ll grow your subscriber base.

additionally, video entrepreneurs and influencers and being treated greater like non-public manufacturers. As you have interaction with MCNs, consultants like me, and other capacity enterprise allies, it pays to understand your numbers like you’re within the Shark Tank. This consists of:
Top 7 Social Video Tips & Takeaways from Social Media Marketing World 1
For Creators: recognize the numbers that decide your value in working on an influencer marketing campaign. Many influencers locate this part of the task boring and pick out consequently to work with a representative or MCN. not a bad concept. Travis Chambers is a viral video author. speakme at CVX live in Utah he said, “working with a MCN can get you up to 30% greater in line with brand deal.”

For entrepreneurs: understand how to present analytic numbers in a presentation. gone are the times of fluffy income displays. as a substitute, you’ve been given to give your numbers in a significant way and attention in at the value of your particular channel. For one channel, their watchtime is probably the selling factor. For any other, their view matter might be the hook.

pinnacle 7 Social Video pointers & Takeaways from Social Media advertising and marketing world video analytics 750×386

#5 Snapchat is a first-rate player

This awkward little app is making waves and inflicting dissention among conventional ROI marketers and Social Media marketers. possibly the “YouTube” of portrait video, the financial fulfillment of video artists Shaun Ayala and Shaunduras proves that Snapchat audiences can supply a go back (each are backed by way of manufacturers). Carlos Gil’s presentation on Snapchat became sincere and every seat changed into packed. commencing the event with his trademark, “hiya Snapchat own family!” he delivered those key takeaways:

Takeaway 1: Snapchat is not for all of us or each business, Marketer’s should simplest be searching at Snapchat if they’re willing to invest in the long time play of growing a channel from the ground up and create local content. there’s no immediate ROI on Snapchat

Takeaway 2: Snapchat is meant to be unique and unique, it’s not facebook or Twitter. brands the use of it are searching at Snapchat as a medium to drive cognizance amongst Millennials and not as a channel to power income — now not but at the least. marketers need not examine Snapchat as a clone to other social networks b/c it’s not. it is but a brilliant tool to create mobile, video content material and build loyalty with more youthful audiences. need greater data on a way to get began with Snapchat – here’s a video we did in advance.

#6 Win the click

Tim Schmoyer of Video Creators brought a fantastic presentation on “winning the clicking” – a marketing expression that refers to a person clicking on a video primarily based on the thumbnail and title. but, this same time period might follow similarly nicely to fb video which plays silently until the video is clicked. He emphasised the significance of choosing titles that are each accurate to the video content material and outlandish sufficient to be noticed. blended with a further designed video thumbnail, Tim suggests a thumbnail must be deliberate before the video editing is even finalized. In a submit consultation interview, Amy Schmittauer recaps the presentation with Schmoyer here:

For Creators: reflect onconsideration on your Thumbnails first. a long way from being an optimization afterthought, your thumbnails must be greater than just a DVD cowl for your video. to your subsequent undertaking, plan your thumbnail before you shoot and finalize it in Photoshop at 85px tall – approximately how big they seem within the related motion pictures phase.

For entrepreneurs: experiment with one of a kind thumbnail design. From Rainbow Barf (thanks Jeremy Vest for that phrase!) to extra expert designs. take a look at least 2 thumbnails according to video the usage of display ads and experiment with consumer engagement on fb to growth the quantity of “sound on” video views.

#7 Use Remarketing Lists in AdWords

In perhaps the #2 presentation of the occasion, Derral Eves dropped a load of staggering date from his success with the Harmon Brothers at the Squatty Potty video. Entitled Unicorn Poop, Derrals presentation defined the usage of remarketing lists for focused on quite qualified visitors in your movies.

discovered in adwords, remarketing lists allow Creators to push motion pictures to visitors of formerly watched films. you can additionally goal visitors based on their behavior closer to your movies. Adwords additionally allows for custom mixtures of remarketing lists to create excellent qualified targets which includes “viewers who’ve considered a video but have now not subscribed.” whilst mixed with the Google display network, remarketing lists are an effective device.

For Creators: if your target market is big and developing, are looking for out a consultant or YouTube advertising expert for help in putting in place those campaign. by using segmenting your target audience you’ll be able to more accurately capture emblem deals and sponsorship opportunities.

For marketers: start developing your lists now. the larger your remarketing lists are, the more precious you become to your customers and to advertising partners. Create playlists based totally on hobby and goal user businesses IE: ladies interested by health or 18+ who watch gaming on YouTube. those lists may additionally emerge as your profits.

Social Media marketing international: conclusion

in large part an event for Social Media marketers, the Social Media marketing international convention this yr turned into almost equal to a video marketing conference. From the hole keynote to the closing, audio system spoke on video, stay video, video advertisements, and video marketing. Video Creators and video entrepreneurs alike are well placed to capitalize on the boom of video on social media however should also be organized to speak with conventional tv manufacturers as nicely. I’m without a doubt excited to be a representative within the field due to the fact our cellphone is already beginning to ring off the hook.