Newborn Photography Tips for Every Parent


No feeling in the world can compete with the emotions that overwhelm the parents of a newly born child, when they first hold it in their arms. The tiny fists, the baby feet, the petals of the eyes, the flaring of the nostrils, that hint of a smile—everything about a baby is special. Writers weave these moments of joy with the magic of words, painters capture those pristine expressions in a web of colours and photographers arrest the fleeting time in photos, for eternity. As all parents cannot be writers or painters, photography is the most accessible option to capture the phenomenon of new life in different shades. In order to ensure that the newborn photo session is carried out smoothly, every parent should keep the following tips in mind:

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It is important to schedule the photo session within 2 weeks of birth. During this time, the babies are adjusting to their new homes outside of the wombs and are tired so, it is a lot easier to wrap them in cozy bundles for adorable pictures. Plus, after the tinies figure out that they are not restricted by spacial confines, they start to stretch out and once the energy builds, it is difficult to make them sleep that “deep baby sleep”. Hence, it is always better to schedule a session with the photographer prior to the birth of the baby.


It is vital to deal with the “Where” question after you have a proper response for the “When” part. Location is as significant as time. Home is the best place for newborn photoshoots as the sense of belonging adds a natural element to the photo session. Moreover, all the items of necessity are available at home which reduces the fear factor among the parents. But, if you wish to get a theme based photo session, studio can be another option. Just remember to carry enough supplies to prevent any mess.


Babies wearing colourful clothes with cute accessories are sights to behold. Naked babies wrapped in soft fur and flowing sheets can rule the hearts of even the “cold-hearted”. It is important to discuss the wardrobe options with your photographer prior to the shoot so that s/he can suggest the options that complement with the theme of the shoot.


As babies are prone to cold, it is essential to keep them warm during the photoshoot. It is not a bad idea to turn up the temperature of the house to a comfortable level that can provide enough warmth to the naked baby. The warmth works wonders in keep the baby asleep which is necessary for a successful photo session.


Feeding breaks are vital if you wish to keep the tinies happy. Well-fed tummies are satiated tummies so proper feed reduces the chances of your baby waking up, crying, during the photoshoot. Feeding time also gives the photographer an opportunity to capture the endearing moment between a mommy and her baby (if so allowed).

Pose as a Family

Even if the teeny-weeny is the star of the shoot, the parents can make guest appearances in a few pictures. This might increase the duration of the photo session but who cares if you get a chance to freeze time with your bundle of joy in the form of precious photographs. Candid family pictures are heart-melting. So, participate in the photoshoot.

In the end, it is natural to be anxious during a newborn photoshoot because you do not want anything to be amiss. Just be patient and let the magic of photography unleash itself.