How to Hire the Right Land Surveyor


Are you planning to start a big construction project? Or do you want to install a fence or start a home addition project? Whether you want to buy a property or start a construction project, do you know the exact place of your property lines? To avoid property boundaries issues, you need to hire a land surveyor.

Often it’s seen that the land on the deed of your house and the fence line does not match. This may cause confusion and disagreements with neighbours. But when you hire a land surveyor, you can avoid potential legal consequences and issues with neighbours. A land surveyor is a professional who defines the boundaries of a piece of land to certify where your property lines are. The land surveying professional uses various mapping instruments and innovative technologies to produce precise descriptions (surveys and maps) of the property. Land Surveyors work with engineers, architects, and builders to get the lines as accurate as possible.

If you’re buying a property, you need to conduct a land survey to ensure that the piece of land is legally buildable. Besides providing exact boundary lines, the survey report also locates buildings, roads, and utilities for real estate developers. Now, as you know the importance of hiring a land surveyor, let’s look at how to find the right professional. Here are some tips for choosing the right land surveyor.

Qualities Your Land Surveyor Should Have

Qualified & Certified

When looking for a land surveyor, consider only licensed professionals. State boards usually license these professionals, so you can easily check if their license is current and if any complaints are outstanding. In addition to a current working license, the surveyor should also be fully insured to reduce any liability on your part. The fully licensed and insured land and property surveyors take full accountability for their services.

Range of Services

The best property and land surveyors provide a complete survey of the land. Whether it’s a commercial project, residential project, environmental project, or municipality project- the surveyor should know what to look for in each project. You should look for a professional who provides a comprehensive land survey report which is legally accepted. You may ask to see a sample report and find out what technologies the surveyor uses. Ideally, land surveyors use the latest technologies like data collectors and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to provide more accurate reports.

Experience & Local Knowledge

When it comes to Land Surveying and Mapping, you need to find an experienced professional. This is because different projects have different factors and parameters that will require different skill sets. Only an experienced surveyor with local knowledge has the skills needed to conduct a detailed survey.


The land surveyor you choose should offer the best blend of experience, reputation, and quality service. For most people, the cost of hiring a surveyor is the primary concern. Price is definitely a factor that can influence your choice, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Reputation matters a lot, and the cost of a survey is only a small part of the overall cost of your real estate project. To hire a qualified land surveyor with an excellent track record, check online reviews and testimonials of the surveyor you’re considering hiring.

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