9 Tips for Optimizing Your Google Shopping Ad Campaigns


Google purchasing commercials, or Product Listing ads (PLAs), are efficient and low-cost and drive our commercial enterprise. PLAs assist in seizing clients at their second purchasing rationale because of their distinguished placement on seek consequences pages and their more visual format.

Buying campaigns are frequently lumped in with conventional paid seek campaigns; however, they’re undoubtedly extraordinary. Sure, they’re based on a price according to the click pricing version. And yes, they may be managed in the AdWords interface. However, that’s surely where the similarities stop.

To succeed with PLA campaigns, you need a unique strategy and precise tactics. Before getting into some of these special procedures, let’s examine more about PLAs.

What are PLAs?

Product listings are focused on using merchandise and product categories, no longer key phrases. Advertisers set a bid on a product, and then Google decides which keywords are applicable. How Google determines what is practical is based on statistics submitted through a data feed. This statistics dinner consists of facts, including product call, class, image, pricing, color, size, availability, logo, and description.

PLAs are displayed on the top and in the higher right corner of Seek consequences. Now that Google has eliminated proper side commercials from computing device seek outcomes, PLAs are the best commercials in this position.

Google buying – 2-person Tents

Google PLAs are displayed at the top of search results.

Google purchasing – Womens motorcycle Saddle

Google PLAs are shown within the upper right corner of search results. As of February 2016, those are the only ads that show in this function on the computer.

The data feed for PLA campaigns should be submitted through the Google service provider middle. After linking your service provider center and AdWords accounts, you can then install campaigns and advert groups within AdWords.

Now that you understand product list commercials let’s discuss how to cause them to paint your enterprise.

Here are nine suggestions for handling and optimizing your Google shopping campaigns.

1. Large feeds Get better publicity

The more merchandise in your Feed, the quicker Google picks it up and displays it. Smaller meals (i.e., less than 500 products) can show up in Google purchasing but won’t have the effect that a larger dinner could.

If you most effectively have some merchandise, begin with a single advert organization instead of breaking the account into a couple of ad companies or product classes. This can help determine if Google Shopping is right because you can hire songs and optimize performance through this single ad group.

advocated for You
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2. Optimize Your Feed with seo approaches

due to the fact you aren’t bidding on keywords for product commercials, you don’t have complete management of when Google will show them. You do not have control over the content determined inside your records feed. You can modify the product identification, description, and product kind to include applicable phrases.

Like with search engine optimization, the name is the maximum essential element. Consider consisting of brand call, color, length, and fabric within the product identification. Be cautious not to keyword stuff, though. Alternatively, ensure your title (in addition to the description) is clean, descriptive, and useful for the consumer.

Google buying – Feed identify Optimization

example of a Google PLA wherein the product title has been optimized to include brand, style, coloration, size, and product information.

3. encompass poor keywords

while you may choose key phrases that your PLAs should display, you may add terrible key phrases to suggest that they should not say. Start by including recognized inappropriate terms, then retain to check your search terms report perceiving low-appearing words. Negative keywords can be used at the campaign degree or added to specific ad organizations.


Let’s say you sell shoes for ladies but now not men’s or youngsters’ footwear. You’ll want to feature [-men], [-male], [-kids], and [-children] for your terrible keyword listing so your product listings don’t show for queries with these terms.

Add poor keywords – Google Shopping

adds bad key phrases at the campaign degree, as proven here, or the ad organization degree.
4. attention to promoting merchandise

This one is relatively off. You have to make conscious efforts to sell your merchandise satisfactorily. Seek advice from your BigCommerce analytics or Google Analytics statistics to peer which products are promoting nicely. AAdd those first-rate sellers to a specific ad institution and lift the bids to increase exposure to this popular and profitable merchandise.

If a product doesn’t appear nicely in Google purchasing, remove it from its current category and area in a brand new ad institution with a lower bid.

top acting merchandise

Begin by looking inside AdWords’s “products” segment to find full- or most inferior-performing products, which can be positioned in separate advert groups for changed bids.

5. Send your Feed to Google each day

supplying your facts feed to Google daily will ensure that each record is contemporary and accurate. This may assist the growth probability of placement, as Google favors traders that provide constant and smooth information. It also creates a higher level for searchers, ensuring that the statistics they see in the advert are equal to what they see after they click on through for your website.

Add Google Product Feed

Set up scheduled fetches so that Google robotically pulls and updates your product facts at some stage in the day.

6. Strategically pick out Your Product images

and ensure each product has an applicable, targeted photo. Use images that differentiate your product from others indexed in Google purchasing ads, supporting your ad stand out among the competition.

Google buying – bikes

observe how the highlighted advert carries historical info, making it stand out from a few other motorbikes on a simple white heritage.

7. Optimize Feed for automated Extensions

In August, Google introduced the release of computerized extensions that display promotional messaging in PLAs. Automated extensions use information you submit to the service provider middle and through your information feed to reveal loose transport or charge drops. Ensuring these messages can be observed for your meal will increase the likelihood of extensions being brought to your ads.

It’s possible to feature different types of promotional messages, together with % off or BOGO. To try this, however, you should comply with a few strict tips and request admission from Google.

8. Make yourself Eligible for rankings & assessment depend

now and again, Google will show a celebration and review. Remember underneath the product identified in PLAs. These scores can help make your ad stand out and showcase the niceness of your product. The scores and opinions are aggregated from multiple assets, including your website, 0.33-celebration aggregators, editorial websites, and users.

Google buying – ratings & critiques

example of PLAs with rankings and overview count covered.

For a score to be revealed on your ad, you must have at least three critiques on any unmarried product and at least 50 reviews throughout all products. By asking your clients to go away reviews on numerous sites, you could develop the general count number and make yourself eligible for this gain. When you’ve collected sufficient reviews to be eligible, you have to ship a request to Google to have opinions brought.

Nine. make sure to include GTINs

starting on might also sixteen, Google requires that each retailer offer global exchange item Numbers (GTINs), generally called UPCs inside the United States of America, on all new in-inventory products marketed through buying campaigns. Google states that GTINs help them determine the exact product and brand being sold, thus boosting publicity because they have more details on the product.

If you supply products from neighborhood or boutique producers that don’t have GTINs, you can not run Google purchasing campaigns. They’ve said that hand-crafted or fully custom merchandise could not want those identifiers. However, we didn’t understand until after mid-May that the brand-new guidelines crossed into effect.

Product list commercials are a remarkable supplement to your existing AdWords campaigns. By following those nine hints, you can have better fulfillment at riding greater clients to your website online and increasing sales.