6 Common Roofing Mistakes You Should Avoid


The roof is the essential part of the homemaking. It can deteriorate with time because of the exposure to heat, wind, storm, heavy rainfall, cold etc. It protects you from all kinds of weather conditions.

It is your duty to maintain the roof of your house; otherwise, you will have to face the consequences. Roof repairs and replacements can be costly and time-consuming.

If your roof is not well placed or if it is made up of weak material, it will not be able to withstand harsh conditions. You will have to go through the construction process again.

It is advised to select your roofing company and materials wisely so that you don’t have to go through the roof replacing and repairing process again. Unfortunately, poor artistry and inexperienced contractors can lead to more damage.

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Here are some roofing mistakes you can avoid:

Install Roof Shingles Correctly:

People who install the roof all by themselves face this problem. It is important to start laying shingles along the eaves. Otherwise, water will invade the sheathing under the bottom shingles’ cut-outs.

Improper Slopping of the Roof:

Improper slopping depends on the type of material you choose for your roof. If the materials don’t match the slope of the roof, it makes the roof susceptible to water penetration.

For instance, a minimum slope of four units of rise per twelve units of the run is suggested if you are installing wood, asphalt or tile shingles and shakes.

 Insufficient Securing of Valley Flashing:

Roof valleys are the places that are most prone to leaks because they handle a large volume of runoff water on the roof. Roofers install flashing around vents, chimneys and valleys to prevent leaks.

If you are installing metal flashing in a rood valley, make sure to apply sealant properly otherwise it can cause buckling and water leaks.

Improper Use of Nails:

Use nails where required. Shingles can slip down easily if they aren’t nailed correctly. Try to use four nails per shingle and increase it to six if there is a steep slope. If a few nails have been used, shingles will fall. Also, nails should not be driven into the self-sealing strip.

Not Allowing Ceilings or Attics to Vent:

When laying down shingles and attics, make sure that the air doesn’t get trapped. It can lead to the building of moisture with time and weaken the shingle material prematurely.

When the attic gets heated up, it increases the temperature of your roof. This causes damage to shingles and an increase in energy consumption. Experienced roofers from reputed roofing companies inspect your attic and install polyutherane foam insulation. This helps in maintaining a constant attic temperature that leads to energy efficiency and longer shingle life span.

Mismatched Shingles:

Asphalt shingles come in many colours. You should install the shingles of the same shade. It will boost the curb appeal and lead to a cohesive look. Make sure you buy shingles from the same manufacturer and of the same set.